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Dr. Device

Dr. Device has an average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

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Reviewed By zerocrossing [read all by] on December 31st, 2007
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
All I can say is WOW. I'd heard a lot of hype on CM about this sweet little plug, but you've got to hear it for yourself. Problem with Audio Damage is their audio demos kind of suck and there's no software demo. I guess this keeps kracks down, but you've got to relay on word of mouth, so here's my word.


What is it? On a basic level it's a filter with a delay. Sounds boring, eh? I thought so too. I've already got it. Could it be better than CamelPhat? Well...

In some ways yes. It's a different bird though, so I'll not do comparison beyond saying that both are great processors, but Dr. Device sounds more like a hand made boutique analog processor and CamelPhat is more like something that Korg would have done with DSP. Again, both good in their own way.

Dr. Device's filters sound fantastic. I spent a few hours putting a guitar though it and I couldn't get a bad tone. (Steinberger running though a VOX Tonelab SE) Made a loop using Mobius and ran that through it... amazing. It's got a kind of Korg KAOSS pad approach, but like I said above, a prettier sound (Note to reader, the other christmas present I got myself was Jack Dark's special so I love ugly as well)

The delay sounds thick and analog. Not tape but like the time I duct taped my Ibanez stop box to my Fender Mustang for that special crazy sound you can only get when you have access to the knobs. That's what this plug in feels like. Good times.

My only complaint is that I get a click when I toggle the in/out button and there are times I wish it has some way to get rid of that pop. Quick ramp up would do it. I had this issue with Audio Damage's Replicant but he was quick to issue an update that fixed it so I'm not worried. Great customer service btw.

Interface, easy peasy to use as my friend says. A bit "dark" and I personally could do without the scary pirate skull but that's minor dig. I'm a UI designer by trade so I'm a stickler for such things and I was up and running with it without consulting the manual for anything but MIDI learn. Why not a contextual menu when you right click that gives you a MIDI learn option?

For $50 US this is a must have. CM was "Spot on" as those Brits say. I'd like Audio Damage to release a monster processor that uses this interface style with all it's effects in one mega bundle of joy. Until then I'm sure I'll make great use of this baby.

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