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 ELASTIC Bender by Aly James Lab is a Virtual Effect Audio Plugin for Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin.
Product ELASTIC Bender
Developer Aly James Lab
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Type / Tags Dynamic WhammyAudio BenderBBD DelayStereo ChorusStereo FlangerVintage Pitchshifter
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Windows XP/7/8
Multi-core compatible VST host.
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The ELASTIC Bender is a virtual peak triggered audio pitch bender pedal based on emulated dual BBD (bucket brigade delay) chips which delay times are modulated by the peak, LFO or MIDI triggered envelope.
While the incoming audio peaks are detected by the circuitry, they will trigger an audio pitch envelope that will dynamically bend the note (s) from lower to the actual pitch or from higher to the actual pitch.
You can act on the depth and the speed of the pitch envelope and also make some unusual dynamic lush chorus, wild flanger, ring modulation and early vintage pitchshifter effects.
The virtual pedal can also "self oscillate" when the feedback is set to the max.


First invented with guitar in mind, the ELASTIC Bender can be used on any source signal, such as guitar, bass, drums, vocals or anything you can think of. When you think of what the dynamic wah and auto wah have bring to the wah pedal in term of a new way of expression, you can think of the ELASTIC Bender as a kind of dynamic Whammy. While the main feature is peak triggered auto bends, the ELASTIC Bender can do way more inside than that.
Based on dual BBD (bucket brigade delay) chips which delay times are modulated by the peak triggered envelope, you can also make some unusual lush chorus or wild flanger and ring modulation effects when using the MODE B (10ms).
The MODE D (300ms) can reach pseudo reverb and slapback effects or land into early vintage pitchshifter territory.
The feedback ability will provide some nasty sounding effects and the ELASTIC Bender can even self oscillate. The input and output circuitry are analog modeled so the ELASTIC Bender will nicely overdrive if pushed too far.

The ELASTIC Bender can also be tweaked from the inside. There are 3 sources to trigger the envelope:

audio peaks, built in LFO and trigger from incoming MIDI notes for great tempo synced rhythmic sequences. There is also true stereo processing with the ability to slightly change the envelope time between left and right for a nice mono to stereo image or stereo separation. You can mix the direct dry incoming signal with the wet one, adjust the peak trigger sensitivity to suit your incoming signal and even change the envelope curve by tweaking the VCA response. Last but not least the ELASTIC Bender can output its envelope as any MIDI CC# message. so you can for example control a real Whammy 5 pedal in a new way but also modulate any hardware or software unit that accept MIDI CC#. You could then have a peak triggered delay time, reverb amount or a custom compressor just by just acting on the volume....endless possibilities.

ELASTIC Bender uses a custom C++ core and 3r party licensed code where nothing fancy was needed.

Runs on Windows 32/64-bit Systems and is multi-core compatible with 32-bit DAW/Host (works on x64 DAW via bridging). OS X will be available next year.

ELASTIC Bender Features:

  1. ANALOG MODELED INPUT & OUTPUT TRANSISTOR OVERDRIVE: If pushed to far the circuitry will nicely overdrive, this is noticeable also when you have a high amount of feedback or when the pedal reach self oscillation.
  2. BEND DIRECTION: The bend can start lower and reach the actual pitch or start higher and reach the actual pitch.The envelope time will follow the SPEED setting and you can go from very short to very long audio bends. The incoming dry signal can be mixed with the effected one to produce chorus, flanger, ring modulation or early pitchshifter effects.
  3. THREE TRIGGER SOURCES: The pitch envelope can be triggered either by the detected audio peaks or by an internal LFO. The internal LFO can also be re-triggered by an incoming peak if needed or can be free running.There is a third source available in the form of incoming MIDI notes. This is a nice way to have a precise control over the bend triggers or to make tempo synced rhythmic patterns. The pitch envelope shape can also be adjusted between a log and an exp curve, middle point being a linear response.
  4. FEEDBACK: The ELASTIC Bender circuitry provide the ability to feedback which can provide source for flanging or wild pitchshifted effects. If the feedback is set to max the pedal will start to self oscillate, which means that even if there is no more audio coming into the pedal you can still produce an analog sound and modulate it somehow. This will end as soon as you dial back the feedback amount.
  5. TRIGGER PEAK SENSITIVITY: Depending on the audio input you will need to adjust the sensitivity to match the behavior you want, for example: only trigger when hit hard. Basically you would add sensitivity for low level signals and reduce it for high levels.
  6. TRUE STEREO PROCESSING & MONO 2 STEREO: You can use the ELASTIC Bender as an insert on mono or stereo channels both channels will be processed independently. If you use a mono signal such as a guitar on a stereo channel, you can use the ELASTIC Bender as an insert or as a send effect. The stereo separation feature will change the time relation between both delay lines and produce a stereo output from your mono signal.
  7. MIDI OUTPUT OF THE ENVELOPE:You can use the ELASTIC Bender as a MIDI CC# envelope generator and control for example a WHAMMY 5 hardware pedal in a new way. The MIDI channel and MIDI CC number can be adjusted so you can control almost anything hardware or software that accept incoming MIDI CC messages.
  8. GUI & AUTOMATION:The GUI features all the ELASTIC BENDER controls, most of the parameters can be MIDI learned and controlled by an external MIDI Hardware or automation which gives you far more control and expression.
Latest User Reviews Average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

Reviewed By Kayster82
December 26, 2014

What a unique effect!
For years I have played with all kind of toys (hardware and software) related to guitar and never find such a playable effect, I can easily put it on everything and abuse the virtual pedal on some drum loops or synths.
I can set the trigger to suit any kind of input so I can decide whether applying a light touch of bending is useful or not or make it trigger on every hit.

Doing some precise slide and bends with a Whammy pedal is almost impossible, especially if you like to trigger bends quickly on almost every note you play.
This virtual pedal solves this.

While the slide or bend happens, especially if the bend is quick, sometimes it reminds me of a wahwah effect but at the same time it sounds totally different.
The fact that it can also be triggered by external signals like MIDI is a genius idea.
I can find those tasty vintage pitch-shifter feedback effects or, thanks to the direct mix feature, create some syrupy chorus and watery flanging (the modulation by itself is unusual in a good way as the flanging only goes up or down)
The effect got a large palette of sounds, it can be very subtle or scream by itself when set to self-oscillate.
The analog feel and drive of this VST is incredible, I can see me using it just to spice up some parts.
For me it is a must-have for any guitarist or bassist who like to expand their sound palette but it is also surprisingly useful on drums, vocals, synths and even full stems.
I have tested the MIDI out feature (the envelope is sent as a MIDI Control Change message) and I found it very useful to control other VST parameters in sync with the Elastic Bender.
EDIT: I recently have a chance to play with an early Publison pitch shifter and I was socked at how much I could get similar pitch shifting color out of the Aly James Elastic Bender, I think it should also be very similar to old Eventide stuff like H910! I still love and use this effect.

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Cap'n Spanky
Cap'n Spanky
27 December 2014 at 6:30pm

This thing looks cool.

Mr LouisDCarroll Jr.
Mr LouisDCarroll Jr.
31 December 2014 at 12:39am


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Average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

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