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Step Sequencer Plugin by Sonicbytes
No Longer Available

ERA has an average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

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Reviewed By Motion [read all by] on April 26th, 2004
Version reviewed: V1 on Windows.
Last edited by Motion on 11th July 2004.
So as far as us Muso's are concerned a lot of us like to buy kit that makes sounds,in that respect we feel a bit awkward when shelling out for those essential quality cables or necessary midi interfaces etc when we can have that hard earned cash go towards some nice Vsti or FX...well how about a couple of awsome midi tools based on traditional step sequencers and then some that rip the guts out of all those nice sound modules and provide you with an infinite variety of
arps,hooks,loops,melodies,drum rhythms and chord progs that can make you sound the biz?

Hello ERA Tone and ERA Drum.Firstly the Gui's are excellent,they are very intuitive and well laid out in an obvious way,a substantial part of their use and efficiency for fast working and ideas generation is that you can use ERA's randomise button(this is scalable so you can alter the amount of randomisation that occurs)on many of its functions such as gate,roll,delay,chords,note steps,volume etc and if you don't like it drag'n'drop the appropriate icon to the trash can and go again.There are 16 programs each containing 16 patterns.Here is just some of what you can do in V1:

Skip,mute,alter gate times and chord the notes,by using the control functions that you insert at steps you can have notes move in various directions within your sequence,by utilising the various "turn functions" you can have the sequence bounce back at that point and go to another point,you can drive the ERAs tempo at multiples of the hosts tempo(using different programs)for polyrythmics,slide notes up,down,left,right and transpose,delay and tie them...there are many global functions that remain individual for that dedicated program,this will allow you to as mentioned before have multiple tempi and traspositions all going at once!!.

You can live record into the sequencer(if you have multiple instances open, pressing record or solo on your working instance will mute all others or you can mute individual patterns) which will cycle and remove existing notes till you get what you want.

There are functions which let you use your midi keys to call up patterns or use a split which lets you transpose the pattern and call up different ones...you can place pattern changes for that program at any step and assign any cc to be spat out to your hardware or vsti's,you can set up midi in and out channels and set various offsets to the overall functions,so get looking up those tables if you want to sequence your filters and osc's etc,add all this together and you can start to see the immense power that SonicBytes are delivering.

They were rock solid in Traction and behaved without a crash.

V1.1 is about to be released,what a juicy pile,take a look!Asking price is tiny!!

A couple of midi maniacs that are slick,fluid and quick.These are great composistional tools,but above all else addictive,musical and a lot fun.

Right now these are are the King and Queen,nothing touches them.Get them now and be very impressed.

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