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Filter Plugin by Cableguys
€69 / $89

KVR Audio news items relating to FilterShaper

Cableguys updates Curve, FilterShaper, VolumeShaper, PanShaper, MidiShaper and PanCake06 Nov 2016KVR Audio Plugin Boutique Big Giveaway - Win up to $4000 in audio software prizes01 Apr 2016Cableguys release MidiShaper 1.5 and PanCake 2.3 (+ Cableguys Bundle 20% off)07 Dec 2015Cableguys update Curve, FilterShaper and VolumeShaper09 Nov 2015Cableguys updates Curve, FilterShaper, MidiShaper and Free PanCake24 Feb 2015Cableguys release Curve 2.5 (+Curve 33% off & Cableguys Bundle 20% off)19 Dec 2014Cableguys update FilterShaper to 3.221 Nov 2014Cableguys update Curve, FilterShaper and WaveShaper CM05 Aug 2014Cableguys update Curve, FilterShaper, Curve 2 BE, Curve 2 CM and WaveShaper CM17 Apr 2014Cableguys update Curve, FilterShaper, VolumeShaper, MidiShaper, PanCake, Curve 2 BE, Curve 2 CM and WaveShaper CM28 Feb 2014Cableguys update FilterShaper to 3.121 Feb 2014Cableguys release FilterShaper 3 with 2-day intro offer20 Jan 2014Cableguys release FilterShaper 3 Public Beta, including pre-sale offer16 Dec 2013Cableguys launches Curve 2 Preset Contest - Win Big13 May 2012Cableguys update Curve (1.4.4), FilterShaper (2.2.4), VolumeShaper (2.2.4), MIDIShaper (1.1.3) and PanCake (1.2.4)07 Nov 2011Cableguys announces Cableguys Bundle 33% Off Sale25 Oct 2011Cableguys update Curve (1.4.3), FilterShaper (2.2.3), VolumeShaper (2.2.3), MidiShaper (1.1.1) and PanCake (1.2.3)14 Oct 2011Cableguys updates Curve (1.4.1), FilterShaper (2.2.2), VolumeShaper (2.2.2) and PanCake (1.2.2)29 Jul 2011Cableguys update Curve, FilterShaper, VolumeShaper and PanCake and add Mac 64-bit support21 Jun 2011Cableguys updates Curve (1.3), FilterShaper (2.2), VolumeShaper (2.2), PanCake (1.2)10 Jun 2011Cableguys adds Windows 64-bit support for FilterShaper, VolumeShaper and PanCake01 Apr 2011Cableguys updates FilterShaper, VolumeShaper and PanCake (incl. AU versions) and launches the Cableguys Bundle (Save 30% until March)07 Feb 2011Cableguys updates FilterShaper (v2.0.3), VolumeShaper (v2.0.1) and PanCake (v1.0.3)22 Mar 2010Cableguys updates FilterShaper for Mac to v2.0.230 Nov 2009Cableguys updates FilterShaper to v2.0.125 Nov 2009Cableguys releases FilterShaper 2 (incl. Mac VST release)11 Nov 2009Cableguys updates FilterShaper to v1.0.2 and VolumeShaper to v1.0.409 Jul 2009Cableguys update FilterShaper to v1.0.1 and VolumeShaper to v1.0.318 Aug 2008CableGuys releases FilterShaper v1.016 May 2008Cableguys releases FilterShaper Public Beta28 Mar 2008

Comments & Discussion for Cableguys FilterShaper

Discussion: Active
17 October 2012 at 12:04pm

Looks good!!

20 January 2015 at 10:45am

will it be possible to add format filters (aka vowel filters) in the future? also, external sidechaining driving the envelope would be great to have as well! enjoying this so much.

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