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inTone Keys

Plug-in Chainer / Rack Plugin by Audified
No Longer Available

inTone Keys has an average user rating of 4.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for inTone Keys

Reviewed By godly [read all by] on 29th May 2013
Version reviewed: w7 x64 on Windows.
Last edited by godly on 25th November 2013.
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I successfully tried it out all night and it works like a charm !
Simple and fast program that does what it should, what more could you wish for?
For 9$ in basic version (4 channels), it's a no-brainer ! The full version at 50$ still is low cost, compared to other Live Host.

It's mainly setup as a mixing console, so it doesn't take hours of study to get working with it.
There are several versions of it, for Guitarist, Bass, Keys. except the keys, they are more fx oriented, because there's an online preset sharing function.

What I like about Intone (Keys):

  • Simple interface, yet very functional and lightweight, you can get hand on directly, where in the other live hosts I had to go through the manual.
  • Chaining and inserting effects is so simple ! Plus it comes with a standard set of hi quality FX (guitar and matrix version have an extensive set).
  • Low CPU and RAM consuming ! Fast startup and stable, no crashes yet ! (on low-end laptop W7 x64 2GB ram).
  • The direct way of selecting programs (via entering the program # on the keypad > enter, or with the arrow keys > enter. It's great it lets you pre-select the program in live situations! (See my wishlist regarding this funcion below.).
  • The plugins are instantly loaded when selecting a program, almost no waiting for small setups! (here also, a better plugin organiser is needed).
  • I like the way the plugins are loaded, choose if you want to display a plugin and it remembers the layout of the program.
  • The controller assignment work great and easy .
  • I like the online program sharing function for guitarist ! This way it's sort of FX setup rack for guitarist.
  • Smart idea to have different versions of the same product (guitar, bass, keys, matrix).
  • Play a list of MP3, record your gig .
  • The program files are made in XML, so you can edit them easily (via XML editor or notapad) yourselves. Be sure to make backups, because when the pogram crashes when shutting down, it writes to the XML and it gets corrupted.


Although the software is great, I do have a WISHLIST (for Santa) ;-).

The program selector:

  • Select the programs by typing the first letters of a word (pia..no for example).
  • Program categories .
  • Larger font of the program display and programs list (easier access to it also for live uses, 1 key stroke to open the list with category and search function). Why not make it user configrable? Choose the hight of font (and background color?).
  • A better program organiser would be handy, that's a much wanted feature ! I think you have to dig into the XML file of the bank now to order things? I'm not looking forward to manage my programs afterwards ;-).

Playlist function:

  • Add a sortable Playlist function where you can order your programs for a gig .

UPDATE: I got a reply from Audiffex, it appaers to be there in the Mac version ! :-).


  • A simple plugins manager, with thumbnails and search/category function.
  • Load the name of all the (once loaded) plugins presets in a database, so you can easily find that preset that you were looking for in between the 10.000 of presets (I have 9000 from Synth1 loaded LOL).

I give it a 10/10 ! It's almost all what I wished for.
I'm so happy I found this software after weeks of struggling with other Live Hosts, believe me, I have looked at them all and tried some of them. I don't understand why this gem stays under the radar???

Cant wait to take it live after I have finished programming my sounds .



After some months of live use, I can now come back and nuance my report.

Here is a list with the bugs in the program for PC. It appears that the Mac version is working OK, but the PC version has lots of bugs to deal. I contacted support and got very friendly and helpfull reply, but no fix so far, I'm hoping version 2 will bring solutions.

1. The playlist editor: Doesn't work on PC. Very annoying, and this makes the program a big minus. Since you cannot delete any made programs or rearrange. Forget even seting up playlist for live shows. This needs to be fixed in priority.

2. Keypad: Selecting program numbers can only be done with the keypad, so on a laptop with no keypad, this function is unavailable, so very missing on stage to switch instant between programs. I'm thinking of buying a second usb keypad, just to control this program .

3. Always on top for the main panel would be interesting, as it looses focus sometimes with other panels, so you cannot select instantly a new program and you need the mouse for input.

4. I'm not sure if it's Intone, but it could be more stable. To many times the program locks live on stage (dual core CPU 4GB RAM x64 W7), it could be due to the plugins maybe, I'm using mainly Synth1. It seems to happen after an hour or so. So better to restart it in between live sets. (that's fast luckely)

5. The MIDI channel problem with windows can be fixed by setting to ALL CHANNELS. It's a known problem, windows changes the MIDI channels IDs all the time.
It's pitty, because MIDI learn cannot be used with many VSTs, they often use a fixed channel, not ALL.

I contacted support and am looking forard for solutions. This is a good product, when the bugs are solved .

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