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Synth (Wavetable) Plugin by ConcreteFX
No Longer Available

Kubik has an average user rating of 4.50 from 6 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Kubik

Reviewed By sdv [read all by] on 2nd November 2004
Version reviewed: 2.2 on Windows.
Last edited by sdv on 11th February 2006.
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"If you choose to accept this mission you will be asked to program the future sounds of a far away planet. Starfox, prepare for takeoff!!"

Kubik is made for sounds from far-off space. This baby can produce sounds you're just not going to hear elsewhere, period. A treat, I mean a real treat for those of us who love big ass cosmic shifting tones. A pad lovers nirvava!! Kubik does the standard synth sounds amazingly well so the possibilties of using just Kubik for your tracks are vast. The sheer number of timbres possible will make you a convert.

Everyone wants a comparison so I'll say that I find it closer Reaktor synths such as Amiphytron & Metaphysical Function than to the popular monsters here at KVR.
In fact, I feel it blows another famous NI synth plain out of the water.

This synth is first one I've found capable of producing the sounds in my dreams.
The key is the interaction between the (a)2 morphing 64-wavetable oscillators and (b)step sequencer as each is uniqe yet function in tandem.
You might say "only 2 osc's?" but each sweeps thru a number of 64 wave shapes (there are a massive number of built-in waveshapes with the ability to beef them up) to change the sound over time. Brilliant! And the sequencer is unique also morphs the sound with additional time & pitch info to each of the waveshapes. I am still in awe of what a few tweaks to a waveform and the sequencer will produce.

And if the above two features weren't enough there are all the goodies we've come to expect from todays softies; graphable envelopes & LFO's, built-in FX, Mod matrix, multi-mode filters, an arp etc. Kubik even has a built-in GUI skin editor!!

And let's talk about price... an ultra-bargin. I mean forget group buys... Kubik is priced lower than what many of the other synths get to at their best discount price. This is an absolute must-have!! My venerable MetaSynth is shaking in it's boots right about now.

I have come to use Kubik in eXT (with the Trackion skin) and it integrates (both in visuals and functionality) seamlessly. Did I mention how much I love this synth?? :)

Another class-act synth and support as Jon is always here at the Forum.

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