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Sampler (Loop Tool / Slicer) Plugin by Maik Menz

LoopDrive has an average user rating of 4.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for LoopDrive

Reviewed By Proxima4 [read all by] on 13th October 2009
Version reviewed: 3 on Windows
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My first contact with this FX/Instrument was through the forum of Synth Edit, I initially went to the site to find some modules to use in an instrument, but found this instead of what I wanted and so decided to give it a go.

Without beating about the bush the first thing I will tell you is 'It's very very good' and an a great improvement on many commercial attempts in the past of something simillar. Infact, After usiing 'Loop Drive' I can't see a reason to buy one or attempt to build one in Reaktor or other dsp.

'Loop Drive' is free and has class. You should download it and see why.

Moving to the second and more in depth view, my reasons are as follows, I will point out the features that I notice straight away and that make it different.

It has a grid that can be inlarged showing the sliced (beat*) sample
that has 8 pre assigned slots to flip back and forth between presets. controlled by key strokes.

(This is great and allows quick variation or controlled variation between those great cuts you make, quick easy and intuitive. and something Ableton's Live slicer can't do without lots of preperation and careful routing, the exception being when MAX for Live is released and someone makes one of course.)

Everything is quick to change and can be done whilst running the unit. it has an effect section that has an automation grid, to dirty up the scenes and of course the grid can be inlarged both in step and in slice.

It has a great and professional looking gui and will keep you guessing, 'Why is this thing Free?'.

If you anything like me, and have mainly commercial plugs in you vst library. then it's my guess that this will sit with along with 'dbGlitch' as an exception to that fact but be used more, 'Yes, more....'

Don't be fooled by it's free status, the FX is this years a must have plugin and has many other brilliant features beging to be used.

NB: I did experience a crash, but taking it easy with the effects chain is probably necessary to get the best and not make to many changes on 'the fly'. for a free plug you can't expect miracles however. there is a fix and I suspect future versions will be released to help smooth any bumpy rides.

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Discussion: Active
25 March 2013 at 7:36am

Can anyone please explain how the different slicer modes work? Spline, hermite, lagrange etc. This is one of my fave plugs but I've never understood this part and can't find any sort of documentation to help. Thank you.

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