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Loopy Pro


Loopy Pro has an average user rating of 5.00 from 17 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Loopy Pro

Reviewed By inkie [read all by] on September 13th, 2022
Version reviewed: 15.3 on iOS

INSANE! I'm professional looping artist, was using Boss since 2014. And guess what? I sold my brand new RC505 MK2. Even more, I replaced all my additional gear with Loopy Pro+Plugins. This is very scary future for hardware, and very bright for musicians! Must have.

Reviewed By DeadPhish [read all by] on September 12th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.24 on iOS.
Last edited by DeadPhish on 12th September 2022.

Wonderful App that does everything I could possible want it to do. New features continue to be added and the developer is incredible if your having trouble getting the App to do what you want and post it in the Discord forum. You usually get contacted by the developer within 24 hours to understand your issue and does what ever it takes to solve it for you. I have never seen such great support before. Music is just a hobby of mine. I am not a great performer but like to play with several different instruments. With Loopy Pro I can play all those instruments into Loopy Pro get a nice loop and move on to the next instrument and so on then play those loops into something that actually sound half decent. I love the compatibility with all the AUv3's. All the MIDI instruments and FX that are available to use within Loopy Pro are just endless. I love playing with all the sounds I can make mixing them into loops and playing it all together. The way you can customize the App to any workflow or style of music making is like nothing I have ever seen before. All of the MIDI functionality built into the App is just incredible. I have learned so much about MIDI with the help of others in the community and now have several MIDI controllers to work with Loopy Pro. I can set them up to perform most any function or action I desire inside Loopy Pro. I could go on forever listing everything I love about the App. In short the App is incredible I love everything about it and it just keeps getting better. Wish I could give it ten stars. Thank you Michael.

Reviewed By ramathebard [read all by] on September 10th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.18 on iOS

Loopy Pro has fundamentally changed how I make music. My RC505mk2 has been in the closet since picking up this app. The customization possible with this is incredible. It is not only the best music app available, I can argue that it is the best app on the App Store, period. The template I have created has made my music-making workflow both easy and powerful. I'm a lifer.

Reviewed By szczyp [read all by] on September 9th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.24 on iOS

Genuine software that turns iPad into big music mind.

a lot of possibilities.

I use it constantly. Time stretching, build in native effects, multi in and soon will be multi out, developer who is in touch with users, and Best of all support for novation Launchpad. It is must have on iPad.

and MIDI widgets which allows to control external soft and synths like small auv3 lemur.

Reviewed By albert1980 [read all by] on September 9th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.24 on iOS.
Last edited by albert1980 on 9th September 2022.

Loopy pro is the most flexible software i have ever seen on the last 20 years, it is really a smart app with common sense and you can do anything you want for real. it is the only app where you can choose and build your own workflow for sequencing and perform, it can be very easy to use but at the same time it can be veeeery complex depending on the workflow you want to use.Also compared to other apps it has the most stable MIDI clock out there(both directions).it also success as a MIDI controller app with quantised buttons sliders and knobs but it can controlled from external hardware devices very easily.Most of the actions inside the app can be controlled from an external hardware controller via MIDI with a very fast setup .the developers are listening for feature requests and they are fixing the reported bugs immediately when reported.overall it is the first time i have seen a software with so much flexibility and i am sure it will eventually replace ableton when we get the MIDI loops functionality on the future updates.

Reviewed By sevenape [read all by] on September 9th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on iOS

A formidable entry to the iOS musician's arsenal. It's a complex but intuitive sample looping playground.

Reviewed By skiphunt [read all by] on September 9th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.24 on iOS

Incredibly revolutionary, very intuitive and a blast to use! I haven't had to refer to a manual once. Highly recommended :).

Reviewed By LostInFoundation [read all by] on September 8th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.24 on iOS

Quite easy to describe: Loopy Pro can be ANYTHING YOU WANT.

The built in editor allows you to build your looper exactly how YOU want it. Or even to build a MIDI controller and forget about the looping aspect.

Just to name one of its highlights: it's THE ONLY looper around allowing you to create a pre-thought song structure in which the recording of the various instruments punch in and out without you having to push any buttons at all (ala the disappeared zenAud.io ALK). Quoting their ancient slogan: Looper meets sequencer.

Or...using A Tasty Pixel's own description: Loopy Pro: Looper DAW Sampler.

Reviewed By someone called simon [read all by] on September 8th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.24 on iOS

Amazing flexible looping software, able to be set up any way you like, including adding mapable on screen controls for controlling plug in parameters, so many parameters. It has changed the game for this category of software and beats anything available on any platform. The developer is very active in adding features and bug squashing.

Reviewed By number37 [read all by] on September 7th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.25 on iOS

Loopy Pro is amazing.

I've always loved watching performers skilled with loopers, and have always wanted to get into that workflow. I have tried with five or six loopers on iOS and just haven't found anything flexible enough or easy enough to use as primarily a guitar player.

Loopy Pro can be as simple or as complex as you like. I prefer to keep it somewhat simple, but have also designed custom workspaces for building up and performing pieces on the fly. With the flexible actions and assignment to MIDI, I can do everything I need with a straightforward setup on my iRig BlueBoard.

I've not experienced anything so liberating in 20+ years of computer music making as just letting things rip in Loopy Pro. At first I thought I'd make little use of it with only audio, not MIDI looping. However, I find that I don't miss being able to go back and tweak MIDI at all! There's something so creatively inspiring about committing ideas to audio as quickly as possible, and moving on.

(MIDI looping is coming to Loopy Pro at some point, and even now other MIDI tools such as Atom Piano Roll, MIDI Tape Recorder, and Imaginando LK can be used.).

Another huge thing for me as I still have an old, underpowered iPad Air 2. Loopy Pro lets you add synths and FX plugins, but then "idle" them as you go. Idling a plugin removes its processing overhead. So, once I've recorded a loop, I can idle the plugins, reducing their footprint to near zero, but still be able to go back and add more loops later, or fine tune an FX chain, or other tasks later on.

Michael Tyson, the developer is very responsive and involved with the Loopy Pro community. There is a published and interactive roadmap that is not just lip-service. Suggestions and priorities are genuinely considered and honestly published. There's a vibrant Discord channel and of course the Audiobus forum, arguably the most active iOS music making community forum on the internet.

I can't take the time to explain all the wonderful things beyond just audio looping that you can do with Loopy Pro. Just check it out! Pick a week when you have lots of time and download it for free. You have one week to explore everything without restriction, so it's best to be sure that you really can dive in well enough to make a decision ... unless, like me, you see the value almost immediately.

Reviewed By MIDIFATHER [read all by] on September 7th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.24 on iOS

A tasty pixel is genius. This app is incredible and extremely well thought out. Constantly evolving with the roadmap and interaction between users and devs.

Super impressed with this.

Reviewed By Sqeacy [read all by] on September 7th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.21 on iOS

This app made everything possible that was a really struggle before. I converted my entire guitar rig to software where Loopy Pro is the heart and brain of everything. Done about 30 live gigs now as a one man band in front of audiences from 50-300 people. This changed everything for me. What are you waiting for? Go get it and start explore.

Reviewed By NitroJayDee [read all by] on September 7th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.24 on iOS

If I had to keep only one app on my iPad, it would be Loopy Pro. It's the best app by far that is constantly getting better and better with regular updates, truly a must have.

Reviewed By Artioc [read all by] on September 7th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.24 on iOS

For those who use iOS for music production, it is a must-have.

Also an innovative and fair payment system for the app and upgrades.

Reviewed By psyndrome [read all by] on September 7th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.025 on iOS

The most flexible and versatile looper available. The official roadmap is a blast. And it all runs on an iPhone/iPad! I think this is the future of looping. And you are free to use your own MIDI controllers. You can have as many loops as you want. You can use as many effects in the chain as you want - the limit right now is just the CPU. Congrats and respect for the dev.

Reviewed By Branis [read all by] on September 7th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0 on iOS

Loopy Pro is crazy configurable. It can be many things, from clip launcher to MIDI controller. It's being actively developed with some tasty features on the roadmap, my most anticipated being MIDI clips :).

The price is amazing too.

Reviewed By prtr_jan [read all by] on September 7th, 2022
Version reviewed: 1.0.25 on iOS

The best for immediacy and full control of what you want to do. Most dedicated developper. Loopy pro gives you almost complete freedom in playing and freedom in making your own set-up.

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