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MIDI Choir

Multi-pitch Modification Plugin by MV's Plugins

MIDI Choir has an average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for MIDI Choir

Reviewed By zediiiii [read all by] on May 30th, 2023
Version reviewed: 3.1 on Windows.
Last edited by zediiiii on 30th May 2023.

Have you ever used Antares Harmony Engine Evo in MIDI mode to create vocal harmonies? Or, maybe a hardware MIDI vocoder (eg, Digitech Vocalist) that lets you sing as a choir by yourself in a live performance? Have you ever heard Kurt Bestor perform "Prayer of The Children"? This plugin does that, and it does that (mostly) better than any other solution I have used. This is an enormous compliment to the developer because all of the competition costs hundreds of dollars and come from big studios.

I'll compare Midichoir 3.1 to some other midi-controlled choir options (there aren't many) so you can see how great this plugin is.

---Midichoir 3.1 Winning Features---

1-Super simple setup. This plugin sounds great for various uses right out of the box. Routing is easy as pie (if you know how your DAW works). It doesn't glitch. It just works and sounds good.

2-Nice-looking interface with clearly marked and simple controls.

3-Low processor use and low latency. Low enough that I can use it for live-performance even on older computers. That is a big deal because this means I can replace more expensive hardware devices with this plugin.

4-If you are able to access the non-ui sliders, you can mess around with things like portamento time (which no other plugins like this have programmed at all), gates, compression, low pass, detune, delay, sustain, vibrato, all of the La Voz Cantande programming that goes into this, and so on. That makes this plugin very automatable and even more versatile.

5-The developer is still actively working on the plugin and providing updates. He's a nice fellow too, so make sure to donate on his website if you get good use out of the plugin.

---Midichoir 3.1 compared to the 2023 version of Antares Harmony Engine EVO---

Harmony engine does a few things better than midichoir 3.1, but (surprisingly to me) the overall sound in midichoir 3.1 is noticeably more natural.

1-Stereo imaging control sliders for each voice.

2-Formant control sliders for each voice.

3-Control of how fast the pitch shift algorithm snaps.

---Midichoir 3.1 compared to Nectar---

Nectar does a few things better than midichoir 3.1, but it's really an electronic music tool, and doesn't sound natural at all.

1-Stereo imaging for the voices.

2-Lots of presets for many different sounds.

---Midichoir 3.1 compared to Reaper scripted MIDI choir---

1-There is nothing better about this approach unless you are a genius developer. =).

Comments & Discussion for MV's Plugins MIDI Choir

Discussion: Active
7 September 2020 at 11:53pm

Many thank yous for this sweet plugin! Brought in a raw vocal improv from a friend into Tracktion Waveform and instantly created a choral arrangement via keyboard while it played back. It worked very will without any need to tweak settings.

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