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Moody Sampler

Sampler and Synth editor Plugin by Soundslates

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Comments & Discussion for Soundslates Moody Sampler

Discussion: Active
21 July 2016 at 8:29pm

looks interesting, but i won't even demo it even though it's free. The "cloud sharing" crap gives it an intrusive element.

Any plugin that does update checking, web patch searching and the like will never see my daw, sorry.

25 July 2016 at 12:43pm

Just added basic infos about the offline mode.

We have engineered our plugins to be suitable for offline usage as well.


  • the plugin doesn't connect directly to the web server.
  • connection to the web server is done via the Soundslates MPA client, as well as all upload/download operations.
  • By closing the login popup, and/or removing the Soundslates MPA client, the Sampler plugin will always stay offline.
  • In offline mode, you will not be able to download sounds, and will be limited to use your own sounds only (sfz, wav ect).
  • When being online, the Client is connecting only to our storage server, in order to download and upload sounds, the connection is secured via https.
29 August 2016 at 2:28am

Oh hey, kinda important to note: there's a limited number of how many voices you can download from the library unless you upgrade (found this out when I tried downloading everything and got stopped). You can undo which voices you have added so you can figure out what you want through trial and error, but still good to keep in mind.

6 September 2016 at 10:48am

Just added this info, thanks.

6 September 2016 at 9:26am

I don't even understand how to get Moody Sampler...
So is this 'integrated' in this Music Production Desktop thing...?

I guess the sampler is a common VST plugin ?

And I can't try it because I have to install this desktop app which is Windows 8 and higher, but I am on Windows 7...?

6 September 2016 at 10:29am

Yes, the Moody sampler is a regular VST, but it communicates with the Desktop app, which takes on all the server related tasks.

Both are delivered and installed together, you can download the installer package at https://soundslates.com/desktop_public/.

As for the Windows 7 support, i'm not entirely sure if Moody will run on Windows 7, if it does it will be a plain offline VST and you will be limited to importing and using your own files.

We are coming with an alternative solution such as traditional instruments packs downloads.


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