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Organ Plugin by fxPointAudio
No Longer Available

NuBi LE has an average user rating of 4.50 from 2 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for NuBi LE

Reviewed By janp [read all by] on November 16th, 2007
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows.
Last edited by janp on 16th November 2007.
Amazing that this is one of the most mentioned vtsi in the forums(not only at KVR) and that there is only one review. i think it deserves more.

Im a guitarist and no keyboardplayer I just fool arround with it.

GUI: realy beautiful and easy to understand, just like a real organ.
real classy design.

Sound: I've compared this to other organ emulations and IMHO this got the best sound. The only one that's capable of doing the John Lord sound.
I use Spinner LE with it and sometimes some Amp sims like Boogex and
Amplitube LE. NUbiLE is a plugin that's got a real soulfull tone.
It's the only vsti plugin I have in my folder besides some sample players.

The only sound that I like a little better is the B3 from the Emu Vintage pro librarie, but that's a sample bank for Proteus X and no emulation.

Features: all an organ needs

Documentation: good enough if you need it.

Presets: ? for an organ? Do you need it?Most of the time I use some basic settings:888000000-68860000-full-800000008-888000888

Customer support: I cannot imagine you'ever need this: If you need some the developer is well represented at the forums here,

Value for money:It's freeware!!

Stability: never crached on me ,low CPU use
Reviewed By virtualcai [read all by] on February 10th, 2006
Version reviewed: 1.08 on Windows
This is an excellent emulation of a very well serviced hammond. It comes pure: only one manual, no leslie, no tube emulation. The dev offers a leslie (for 28,-), right now I use it with free mda Leslie and simulanalog Tube Screamer.
Soundwise this is IMHO the best virtual organ yet! I own a Hammond XB-1, and the nubiLE is much richer and warmer. For me it surpasses all other free VSTorgans but also B4, nord electro ...
Vibrato, Percussion and Click can be tuned with many parameters, it would be nice to have leakage control (like the Korg CX3 has - this sounds different - not like pulling the upper bars a little out, like the dev suggests in the small manual)
I also would like to have two manuals+pedal, though its easy to use three instances of nubiLE as it is very easy on the cpu.
So, if you want to have a almost real hammond - no need to look further.
Some notes to the standard questions:

User Interface: simple, useful

Features: can be controlled in detail (3 manuals+leakage would be nice)

Documentation: everything important is in the usrguide.txt - knowledge about hammond organs in general can be obtained elsewhere - no online resources, just an email link

Presets: for an organ ? - come on! If you want ready made sounds buy the B4. Hey - I just verified there are presets but: Groove is missing! So i can only give 9 points here ;-)

Value: infinite

Stability: No crash yet

The main problem with plug ins like this is: you have to find them (btw: check out MrRay 73 for a great donationware Rhodes Mark 1). I am very happy I did.


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5 February 2013 at 1:02am

Link dont funktion. Dont loss your time

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