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Pianoteq Studio Bundle

Piano / Keys Plugin by Modartt

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Deep Spaces Pianoteq
for Pianoteq Studio Bundle [Show all for]
by Krakatau [Show all by] on 2 November 2013
Downloaded: 399 times
60 Presets involving some of my scale-related IRs
All of them bounded to the related ones (other keys won't play)
The majority are made with original sounds and free add ons, ...but not all !
There is unfortunately an issue (and its workaround) described in the read me files
I strongly recommend you to control trough MIDI learn the dry/wet cursor of the reverb by a foot CC controller
I suggest to use them sparsely as additional color in your composition (when the tonality is corresponding accurately or almost accurately, (a few of them being firmly dissonant)
Pianoteq Wanderings
for Pianoteq Studio Bundle [Show all for]
by Krakatau [Show all by] on 9 April 2013
Downloaded: 420 times
These presets are made with the standard version and involve all the presets and free addons you can get with it. Many are extreme settings,usuable sparsely into compositions, (for instance all the one called Distuned Colours use a same extreme EQ setting that more or less erases most of the fundamentals

113 presets for the following instruments :

D4 K1 Pleyel Erard Berstein CP-80 Church Bells Tubular Bells Cimbalom Neupert Blanchet Grimaldi Graf Schwantz Schoffstoss Walter

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replicant X
replicant X
23 May 2012 at 4:23pm

Copy Protection of this software is Online Challenge and Response. Not Key File.


17 October 2012 at 12:08pm

Latest version is 4.2 which includes a (organic sounding) demo of the Blüthner Model ONE, a physically modelled grand piano developed by Modartt and authorized by Blüthner.

IMO the quality of sound and playability is unrivaled.

Energy Studios
Energy Studios
31 May 2013 at 9:49pm

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