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PiKTrix PiKTrix Ony PiKTrix PiKTrix Qi-Rack
PiKTrix by Midi Mobiles is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin and a Software Application and Soundware (samples or presets that load into other products) for Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, a VST 3 Plugin and a Standalone Application.
Windows (10 recommended) with 32 or 64-bit host and maybe Core i3...
WAV WAV 16-Bit WAV 24-Bit
Development Tool
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PiKTrix is a 'Sample Instrument Collector Tool' but not only.

It's a DIY Rompler Project developed specialy for the KVR DC 2021 and includes soundwares... Compatible with soundfonts (.SF2 files since 1.7 version !!!)

PiKTrix_Ony is a simple player (only one instrument) of ~patch.pkt files.

The .pkt files are just the listing of a .wav files repertory. You can sort the .wav files by notes with Instrument_Creator.bat (from the PiKtrix interface) or just play an existing .pkt file. You don't need to compil an only .wav file with all the .wav files. Just the ~patch.pkt file in the .wav directory.

PiKTrix_Qi-Rack is another way to experiment some sound design with 4 layering of instruments connected to 4 arp modules and a global master (Flanger/Phaser/Delay/Reverb) and also an EQ (HP/LP Bass/Med/Treble) by layer...

As a modular, you can connect cables from 5 oscillators (4 mod wheel and OSC Speed in the FiltoDrag module) to 3 inputs (arp for modulate the speed, flanger & phaser effect too).

It is possible also to transpose in real time in one layer or All layer in the same time (in MIDI notes).

You can directly experiment the PiKTrix sensation just after the installation of 3 'functionals' soundbanks by flipping through the patches or choosing in menu bank / Program the instrument you want to play.

If you are new user of PiKTrix, first download PiKTrix 'Sample Instruments Collector Tool'.rar (97,8 Mo).

and after the installation, you could download the soundbanks :

Some fixes were made to fill in the finishes :


(Version 1.0):

  • New interne architecture for improve the stability in multiplugins (test of 32 x 'PiKTrix Ony 32' in Cubase studio 5 with success !!!).
  • There will be more release in all presets. Lower it a bit.

(Don't use more than 4 occurences of PiKTrix Ony 64 for the moments while the modules developers adapt them to the 1.4 version 64-bit of synthedit
or simply a future update of synthedit to remove limitation of native wave player / ADSR / MIDI 2 CV if it's possible...
Thanks in advance to Jeff McClintok to the wished possible help !)


(Version 1.2):

Some increasement have been made on PiKTriX after KVR Developer Challenger 2021 with the 1.2 beta version...:

  • First Preset/Patch : 'Welcome' is now a "welcome patch" with one sound of all patches in one. You can use 'Bloc Note' function for have a coarse preview of what it can sound when you have all of them... Of course, the instruments are better with all the sounds but these samples are already delivered with the software ! (you must just now download separately 'Amstrad CKX100 [Essential] 16-bit-mono.rar' &
    'Pataphysis [Essential] 16-bit-44kHz.rar').
  • No 'Custum_List' in all Plugins version (just a 'Root.txt' file. Custum_List are now the same in 32 & 64-bit versions localized in "PiKTrix 'Sample Instruments Collector Tool'\Module\Custum_List").
  • Randomize in Arp module of PiKTrix_Qi-Rack_32 version (like already existed in 64-bit version).
  • You can now use more than 32 occurence (32 max tested) PiKTrix Ony in your DAW (32-bit & 64-bit versions).
  • You can have up to 128 sounds for a instruments in 32-bit versions and 96 on 64-bits versions (system lightening) with extended pitch in 64-bit versions in lower and higher range (out of line 13 - 103).
  • Gui audio modules in 64-bits versions (must be reactivated when you reload them in your DAW by bring the ONY 64 plugins to the fore).
  • Possibility to change Layers color in Qi-Rack version (experimental color palette in hexadecimal RGB & transparency).
  • More CPU Friendly.
  • Clear Keyboard or White Keyboard in all versions (click to PiKTrix Logo for choose the options).
  • And a lot of minor bug have been fix...


(Version 1.3) on 64-bit versions only (VST3 too):

this is a summary of the message sent on PiKTrix support...:

  • Lightening of the initialization of the sounds.
  • Correction of the range below line 13 & above line 108.
  • Fixed 'Bloc Note' mode & 'Loop mode'.
  • Pitch offset correction to increment by semitones.
  • Integration of logos !!! NEW !!! and the audio format that appears in text (Requires reinstalling new & old updated soundbanks after installing the package).
  • New FX (Byp) option in Qi-Rack version (It replaces 'Master (Byp)' in Ony version).
  • Some 'Gui' amelioration (Logos, Color in Master...).
  • Improvement of Install.bat and Unistall.bat...

(Version 1.4) on all versions:

  • Fix Bug on color custumisation in 'Background Panel'.
  • Fix some bad connexions in pitch & lopp informations.
  • Improvement of the patch navigation when you click to '<' & '>'.
  • Improvement of Patch category in all version (more ergonomic alphabetical placement).
  • 64-bit new features now present in 32-bit versions (Soundbank logos integrations, Master / FX (Byp).
  • New Feature with 'Lock' image to active or deactivate pitch informations.
  • New Skin to install (Space Orbital).
  • Better Gui custumization with 'PiKTrix' menu (Background Black-white, white or black police style with or without filled label).
  • Improvement of 'Instrument_Maker.rar', 'Install.bat' (update mode. No need to replace manually the files) and Uninstall.bat (Backup of the patch in standalone mode).


(Version 1.51):

  • New 'Pad Notes' and 'Chord' modules in PiKTrix Qi-Rack (not yet available in 32-bit).
  • New Panel (Manage Custum List) in all versions to index .pkt instruments to PiKTrix soundbanks (menu 3 of the diskette).
  • Deletion of 'Send' (in OSC Panel) in all Qi-Rack versions replaced by a global 'OSC Panel' in Layer All (to access the 'Layer All', deselect the current layer).
  • New icons 'OSC 1', 'OSC 2', 'OSC 3', 'OSC 4' are present in each respective layer to allow to transfer the OSC settings of the selected layer to the 'Layer All'.
  • New pre-connected cables. Matrix Cable is visible in the 'Layer All' of the Qi-Rack 64-bit versions to connect cables in real time without reloading the patch (by default on Background cables).
  • Color palette that appears by right clicking on a 'Pad Chord' to change the color in the 64-bit Qi-Rack versions
    Editable colors of the palette (appears in Background mode by right-clicking on the message in green writing on a black background).
  • Arpeggiator consolidation (Alternate modes). for the moment, only the Amstrad CKX100 presets are prepared to start immediately in arpeggiator mode...
  • And Other fix... (see the support link for more details).

(Version 1.6): Big Update !!!:

  • New soundbank mapping to accelerate the load of sounds (the duplicates lines has been removed and reworked in the patches with new panel feature 'Midi Remap'). All factory sounds banks must be download & reinstalled.
  • New 'reverse' sound function in 2 modes : Reverse all & reverse only (in 'Midi remap' panel).
  • 'Editor' button for open a select sound with a custum editor.
  • Play the current sound by pressing the 'Play' icon.
  • Missing images have been added in VST3 versions.
  • Delayed loading of sound banks after each change of patch in 64-bit (press on the screen to load and see 'Wait...' appear).
  • Fix bug in Arpeggiators & other fix bugs...

(Version 1.7 on 64-bit versions): *** New features with SF2 files friendly ***:

  • Soundfont support (SF2) : You can attach them to 'Custum_List'. Possibility to play simultaneously in dual voice .PKT instrument.
  • Improved lazy loading of sounds in 64-bit versions : we decide or not to load the sounds at every patch changed (when the engine starts too). Press Cancel if you don't want ! A loading gauge allows the user to wait when sounds load...
  • 'Midi filter' module is another time in the software again.
  • Improved loop point initialization in 64-bits versions.
  • 'Copy / Paste' option in all version with Pitch Notes too (Key min / max & Pitch notes)
    * You can 'Copy' in a different preset assignations & back to another preset to Paste data (work in Qi-Rack too with all merged layers).
  • Fix Arp Layer 2 in Qi-Rack (in 'down' mode) and other fix minor bug...

Version 1.8 (in all 64-bits versions):

  • New Factory Soundbank (Yamaha RX11-RX15).
  • Load / Save .ass files that lists all Key min, Key max, Pitch note of a layer instrument (Yellow or Blue 'ASS').

* Click right and select 'Store' fore save .ass files:

  • New feature 'Transpo recall' with 6 memory button to recall 'Semitones', 'Octaves', 'Global Pitch', 'Pitch filters', 'A-R filters', 'Up down pitch/filters'.

* Click right et select 'Store' fore save performance (only on PiKTrix Ony 64):

  • Improvement of Batch files ('Instrument_Maker.bat', 'Factory_Bank.bat', 'Install.bat').
  • 'Step' mode or 'Click' mode on 'Layer MIDI in' button' & 'Play note' (click right on these controls for set the choice).
  • More polyphony on SF2 mode.
  • Fix bug on Arp3 & Arp4 when down.
  • Pre-wired cables with Matrix cables Fix (if the cables don't appear when you select a check case in 'Matrix Cables' panel, fows in volts circulate anyway).
  • Fix bug line in 14-15-16 (bad audio modules initialisation).
  • Background mode with yellow circular button in top right don't reload the sound.
  • More friendly clickable images...
  • Other fix minor bugs.

Version 1.81 (on all 64-bits versions):

  • PiKTrix Ony : the list of sounds did not scroll by default (only did so after pressing 'Play'), Background redesign, foreground of containers...
    * Store 'ASS' working again (List_Combiner module missing!)
    * Transpo 'Recall' button more compatible with a MIDI external controler + New 'Click off' button option (use it with a triggered chord on your MIDI keyboard). Better setting on all prepared patch...
  • Qi-Rack : The Arp note module on the right (big pad) has been replaced correctly and works the same way as the one on the left. D-1=14 Note again available on each list...
    * pre-connected cables 'Matrix Cables' visible on all patches.
  • Patch Init : These are the patch users that the user can re-register with or without changing the name. The category was renamed to appear first in the list after 'Welcome'. Preferably keep (User Patch) as category to better find them!
    * Updated all 'Factory' soundbanks with an 'Uninstall.bat' to remove the soundbank from PiKTrix with associated patches fast enough.

Version 1.82 (on all 64-bits versions):

  • New feature '6. Reset Layer Range' from Disk menu. When you reset, each line corresponds to a single line number.
  • 'Store ASS' unlocked the first time.
  • On Qi-Rack : 'Chord' module works again without arp (Arp disable). sends all programmed arpeggiator notes simultaneously when you press a 'Chord Pad'
    * Optimized delay when launching the differents 'Chord Pad' (with the 'Hold' option of the arpeggiator active or not for the Step/Click mode).
  • On Ony : (better patch)
    * Patch Init -5 semitones to 0 by default
    * 'Inverse Filter' to up on all 'Recall' by default.

Version 1.83 (64-bit versions):

  • No more untimely 'Start.ass' file creation on startup.
  • All 'Install.bat' ask you if you want or no install VST3 presets...
  • Uninstall.bat of soundbanks suppress the sounds localized on Soundbanks directory.
  • Pataphysis I : fix bug on Synth Bass 1 (on the Custum_List).
  • Optimized delay when you press a 'Chord Pad' a second time (repeat chord).
  • 'Palette' on foreground again.

Version 1.84 (64-bit versions):

  • Better support on .ass files (no start.ass & truncated .ass files and work when move the plugin to the background to foreground).
  • Sound loadind has been improved (the user must click to 'Reload' for load the sound and must confirm after).
  • Bottom 'padlock' have been deleted (obsolete with the new system of loading).
  • Fix OSC value (better algorithms on tremolo, vibrato, pan drag).
  • Better patch setting and 'install.bat' improvement (Backup of the user patch in plugin directory when install.bat).
  • On 'Ony' versions, lots of internal modules have been replaced by external modules and no double trigger when a chord is selected on a 'midi keyboard' and the left/right arrow are activated (the trigger is only send on mouse down).
  • On 'Qi-Rack' versions, improved arppegiator (Work on 'Layer all' mode with 'Chord' pads...), new utility with 'View' and 'Write' button ('Write' authorize 'midi in' to register the new chord in 'Arp note' panel and 'View' make appear notes lists in 'Pad notes'), new 'Reset' icon on 'Layer All' (All note off).

Version 1.85 (PiKTrix_Ony 64-bit versions & all soundbank packages):

  • Fix Bug on 'Fix Velocity' (missing connections due to module replacements from the previous update).
  • All patches have been updated & improved (radicals changes on some patches).
  • Corrections on .ass (midi note assignations) of all distributed soundbank belonging to the project (widening of the range. Don't appear in the factory patch. You could extend the range by 'Paste Layer Range' for exemple).
  • Switch background / foreground of the plugin : Loop start / end did not stay in memory.
  • All soundbank have been updated (Install.bat / Uninstall.bat with an update option at the end for advanced users).
  • A lot of minor bug...

Version 1.851:

  • Add Line code (line 38) on Install.bat to recover 'PiKTrix.txt' cookie file at :

'C:\Users\Joan F\Documents\VST3 Presets\Joan Fourdrignier'

Version 1.9:

  • Instrument_Maker.bat has been modified (removal of the now obsolete 3rd part with assignments in the software interface and support for the characters '!' and '&').
  • Change from 96 sounds to 128 sounds from this update in all versions.
  • Revision of all .ass indexes (Key min, key max, pitch note) for better correspondence.
  • All loop settings are now saved (continued from incomplete previous update) for plugin background/foreground switching.
  • The transposition padlock has been reversed (lock to keep the current transposition displayed).
  • Modules .sem updated on Qi-Rack 64 & VST3.
  • Arpeggiator revision:

* 'Write' activates the writing of notes without the need to activate the arpeggiator
* Removal of the dead note after releasing the chord (in 'Hold off' mode)
* 'Down' mode and 'randomize' now work correctly

  • 'Matrix Cables': the cables are visually connected again and better placed (to the nearest pixel).
  • Loading the correct wheel settings in each respective preset.
  • Better Package (deletion of residual files in 'Custum List' directory and good presets in the '_Install' directory).

Thanks for your insterest with PiKTrix.

{See video at top of page}

Patch 42 Pataphysis - Synth Bass 1

If you have need more help please post at this topic :

PiKTrix on KVRDC2021 'support'



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