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ROMpler Plugin by Midi Mobiles
PiKTrix PiKTrix PiKTrix Ony PiKTrix PiKTrix Qi-Rack Pataphysis Soundbank Amstrad CKX100 Fidelity Soundbank FiltoDrag in PiKTrix Ony FiltoDrag in PiKTrix Qi-Rack
PiKTrix by Midi Mobiles is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin and a Standalone Application and Soundware (samples or presets that load into other products) for Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, a VST 3 Plugin and a Standalone Application.
System Requirements
Windows (10 recommended) with 32 or 64-bit host and maybe Core i3...
WAV WAV 16-Bit WAV 24-Bit
Development Tool
Sample Formats
Loads and/or Saves
WAV, WAV 16-Bit, WAV 24-Bit
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PiKTrix is a 'Sample Instrument Collector Tool' but not only.

It's a DIY Rompler Project developed specialy for the KVR DC 2021.

PiKTrix_Ony is a simple player (only one instrument) of ~patch.pkt files.

The .pkt files are just the listing of a .wav files repertory. You can sort the .wav files by notes with Instrument_Creator.bat (from the PiKtrix interface) or just play an existing .pkt file. You don't need to compil an only .wav file with all the .wav files. Just the ~patch.pkt file in the .wav directory.

PiKTrix_Qi-Rack is another way to experiment some sound design with 4 layering of instruments connected to 4 arp modules and a global master (Flanger/Phaser/Delay/Reverb) and also an EQ (HP/LP Bass/Med/Treble) by layer...

As a modular, you can connect cables from 5 oscillators (4 mod wheel and OSC Speed in the FiltoDrag module) to 3 inputs (arp for modulate the speed, flanger & phaser effect too).

It is possible also to transpose in real time in one layer or All layer in the same time (in MIDI notes).

You can directly experiment the PiKTrix sensation just after the installation of 2 'essentials' soundbanks by flipping through the patches or choosing in menu bank / Program the instrument you want to play.

If you are new user of PiKTrix, first download PiKTrix 'Sample Instruments Collector Tool'.rar (478,7 Mo).

or download the Update PiKTriX v.0.61.rar (33 Mo) *** New Sounds & Fix some Bugs ***.

You can also if you want download PiKTrix Soundbank [Deluxe Version] (1,41 Go) (2,33 Go when unzip) but it's not very necessary to increase the audio quality for test the PiKTrix project...

Some fixes were made to fill in the finishes :

(version 0.2)

correct the bugs listed:

  • Momentary reset on patch menu.
  • Fix Bloc Note on 64-bits versions.
  • Fix Velocity 'On' (All versions).
  • Less springs off in FiltoDrag with 'No Filter OSC'. More flexible game play interface.
  • More MIDI Learn for External Controls.
  • And maybe other minors bugs...
  • New Sounds ... (Omnichord) in "KVR DC2021 Updates" bank...

(version 0.3):

  • Better program with patch updated.
  • OSC Link button under panic button (you can already access to OSC Setting by right click on mod wheel).
  • No 'OSC Send' in OSC Setting menu in the Ony versions (useless).
  • No reset on 'No filter OSC' in FilterDrag module when you click to 'Envelope'.
  • 'Master' Button (useless before the 0.3 update) is now a bypass FX (original sound without Mod wheel FX, FiltoDrag & EQ process).

(version 0.4):

  • Some change in the name of VST3 versions.

  • Improvement with patch initialisation (mascot On/off at every patch change for Ony version).

  • More patch memory on 'Master (byp) ' option in Ony versions.

  • Improvement with Mod Wheel in all versions (Possibility to make some Ring modulator FX with the Mod Wheel with high values) and better Increasement level with 'White Noise' & 'Pink Noise' waveform in Osc seting).

  • The Patches have been tested and are more ready to play now...

(Ony version 0.41):

  • MIDI in is blocked at each program change for 2 seconds.

  • Fix keyboard that generated an unwanted note during patch initialization.

(version 0.5) ::

  • It seems that a image was still not present in the 'Ony' versions (Chi-Rack__porta_click.png).
  • Fix the Disk menu on '3.Create Instruments (Load .wav repertory)' in 64-bits versions (it was just a bad link. Note that it's the only option that is implementated in this menu for the time being...).
  • Fix GUI activation bug of 'FilterDrag' modes when you click to 'Speed OSC' (temporarily in 'off' position).
  • On PiKTrix Qi-Rack, When 'Hold' is 'on' position in Arp module, CC64 MIDI messages are filtered to facilitate multi-layer play with a sustain pedal (only on Qi-Rack versions).
  • Better MIDI integration of 'Pitch Filters' (after a MIDI learn) on all plugins versions and 'Fader Morph' on Qi-Rack versions.
  • Improvement of 'OSC Send' with Noise Waveform (better volume dosage) on Qi-Rack versions.
  • Display of Mod Wheels on 'OSC Setting' panel in all versions.
  • Better install and Update (autonomous).
  • And other some minor bug...

(version 0.51) ::

  • Mod wheels don't bother the keyboard anymore in all versions.
  • Fix bug on Fader Morph with mouse drag.

(version 0.6) :

[On Qi-Rack version] ::

  • Improvement in the Arp module for have the first note at start (always the second before this update).
  • Less value in speed of the Arp (deletion of 'd' value for a better incrementation of the speed for the moment).
  • Better view of 'OSC Setting' panels (by selected layer).
  • 'Medals' in OSC Setting panel (modulation, Vibrato, Pan drag) are now connected to the audio out after Master bus (after Reverb & FiltoDrag modules) to have a better result and the medals are independants (does not depend on checked boxes wich are connected before the Master bus). And you can also have the 2 modifications of sounds (before & after) if you check boxes and activate medal of the parameter.
  • Better placement of cables images in PiKTrix Qi-Rack 32 and the cables don't bother the controls of the GUI Interface.
  • Memory in program change in the Mod Wheels on PiKTrix Qi-Rack 64 .

[on all versions]:

  • The stroke of mod wheels parameters (modulation, Vibrato, Pan drag) had been improved (better range & smooth at beginning of the stroke).
  • The Envelope is not the default mode of FiltoDrag when nothing is selected now (no movements in filter).
  • Envelope button now disable when Oscillator is selected.
  • Update of several patches which have been reworked (50 presets on all versions but on the 32-bit versions & 64-bits version of PiKTrix Qi-Rack, presets are not the same !).
  • Better 'Init' on 32-bits versions... and even better things soon (surely after the KVR DC2021).

(version 0.61) :

  • Fix bug in Install.bat for installation of VST3 Presets...

(the presets dated from the end of June with the old one !!!).

With install.bat in Update PiKTriX v.0.61.rar, you can update automatically the VST3 presets of PiKTrix already installed in your PC (with the plugins .dll & .vst3).

If you don't have PiKTrix, download PiKTrix Soundbank [Deluxe Version].rar

Good luck for all KVR DC2021 Entries.

{See video at top of page}

Patch 42 Pataphysis - Synth Bass 1

If you have need more help please post at this topic :

PiKTrix on KVRDC2021 'support'


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