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Podium Free

Sequencer / Multitrack by Zynewave

Podium Free has an average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Podium Free

Reviewed By Gabriel_West [read all by] on 30th June 2018
Version reviewed: 3.2.1 on Windows
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Zynewave Podium is definitely the best free digital Audioworkstation available right now for me. It includes so many valuable features, has by far the most userfriendly graphical interface, runs smoothly on low-end pc's (a prove for professional programming of the developers), the workaround is totally intuitive, what allows users lerning it's functions and menus quite rapidely, since almost any of them are selfexplanatory (Already composed lot's of serious pieces with Podium without spending much time with it's manual, ..guess that speaks for itself) and the most important thing: It contains all of the necessary functions, that a professional composer needs. Furthermore, if you search through the web, to find out, which free DAW is actually known as the best and most powerful Musicmaking Tool, you'll quickly figure, that many experts will agree with my opinion. Just give it a try, this DAW will absolutely impress you, futher, it will inspire your mind to compose new music with fresh impulses of motivation. Here are some free VSTi hints for people that are still newbys in digital composing: (Anything of the following free VSTi's suits well especially for the Pop/Rock or Pop Ballads genre btw) .. Drums) MT Power Drum Kit 2, ..Bass) sfz Soundfontplayer + NTonyx 32MB GM Stereo Bank / Fingered Bass [Combining both] <- Awesome clean quality bass for free!, ..Guitars) Ample Guitar M-Lite II (Acoustic), Sampletank 2 / Clean Guitar (E-Guitar), Spicey Guitar (Nylon), Revitar (Synth Guitar) ..Synth Strings) Orpheus Strings, Esline ..Synthesizers / Pads) Cobalt / Warm Pad etc., Efemme Warm Pad, Poly 2106, Superwave P8. ..E-Pianos) 4Front E-Piano, DSK Elektrik KeyZ (Maybe the best VSTi from DSK by far!), D-Piano-E, EP 2008 ..Pianos) Keyzone Classic, Piano One ..Percussion) sfz Soundfontplayer + NTonyx 32MB GM Stereo Bank / Power Drum Kit (supports correct MIDI map order) <- ..hope this helped, have fun and happy composing. :-).

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Comments & Discussion for Zynewave Podium Free

Discussion: Active
Simon Posford
Simon Posford
30 March 2014 at 11:33am

Simply try it and love it.

aung aung
aung aung
17 February 2018 at 10:54am

Best free DAW ever.


original flipper
original flipper
30 June 2018 at 8:26pm

Without a doubt this is the most obtuse DAW I have ever come across - I have demoed it several times in the past, spoke to the developer, been on the forums, watched the videos - a most un-intuitive experience.

As always: try before you buy.

30 June 2018 at 11:32pm

:-) What an unjustified miss advertizing comment!!! lol..According to your slightly dubious valuation (in relation to its seriousness), it seems obvious, that your words are coming from someone who advertizes for commercial selling products, which have massive limitations on their "free" Demoversions. Zynewave however is 100% REAL Freeware, with no considerable freeware limitations in comparision to other "half-free DAW's". Your sentence "try before you buy" shows that you know nothing about Podium Free, furthermore, it shows, that your experience, you have made with this product, is = zero. The only reason why this excellent Freeby-product receives some unwarranted miss-Advertising apparently, is, because there are people around, that are trying to lure enthusiastic zynewave users away from one of the most popular freeware DAW's around the web, to their own commercial products, so that they can earn more money. - HOW UNFAIR IS THAT? - (Therefore probably the incorrect interpretation rumors) Well, just face it, although anyone has different perceptions on which DAW's are great or not, the nowadays still existing popularity of Podium free is fact! :-) Denying this fact, appears unjustifiably. No one ever said, that popular "REAL 100% freeware" DAW's like Podium and Mulab can compete with the best commercial DAW's out there.


original flipper
original flipper
1 July 2018 at 7:14pm

I should not have said 'try before you buy' as it is free...

Of course it is a cut down version of the paid version - in which case, demo before you buy the paid version.

I cannot comment on your comments because they did not compute.

Anyways - my opinion of Podium free and the paid version remains the same: Obtuse, difficult, convoluted...

I tried it several times because the GUI is impressive - alas using it see previous comments.

Sorry if my opinion is different to yours.

FWIW I am currently demoing Mix craft V8 and still enjoy using Energy XT (all versions).

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