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SH Poly has an average user rating of 4.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for SH Poly

Reviewed By Saukar30 [read all by] on April 15th, 2016
Version reviewed: 8.1 on Windows

If you're looking for a synth to use in Kontakt that actually works like a synth, don't want to spend a lot of money, don't want the library to be too huge AND want it to sound good, look no further than this baby.

For less than a ounce of weed, you have the choice to get something that you don't hide from the police... a synth in a sampler! I'll hit the good points first:

-Cheap (everything is about the money)

-Low footprint (About 170 mg download, so you're RAM will be safe & it's great if you have an older computer)

-Sound (Not oversaturated, unless you want it to be. It's not overdone, but it plays well. A great tonal range..sharp & tight at the high end. Consistent in the middle. Not too bad on the lows... it won't be able to do trap subs... but for playing actual bass lines it's terrific. It's the oscillators that make this synth, not the features).

-Versatility (This is the main reason I like SH Poly. The multi osc is great for pads, synth keys or even leads. You can tune each of the oscillators & modulate the pitch with very smooth LFOs. Those of which you have 2. The filter works great on them... with an envelope, LFO, & a highpass as well. A little bit of the white/pink noise can bring in some dark air if needed. If you need to get a stronger signal, that overload button will make your sound stronger, not just louder. Towards the back you have a well thought out effects section that accentuates rather than take over your sound. Not too mention you have a bass & high eq to further enhance things and the glide function can work in poly as well as mono)

-INIT patch (Most libraries are different instruments or NKIs that contain different samples. Especially the lower costs ones. It's nice to have a synth library that actually acts like a synth.. in which I can program all the sounds I need to with just the initial patch... just like a real synth. You can also hit the "Glitch" button when you don't feel like thinking or need some inspiration.)

Some libraries are meant to explore every sound possible by what synth (s) the developer used. Some libraries are meant to be focused. This is where SH Poly lies. If you know what you're doing with this, you can make it sound incredible. This is also a great synth to layer other synths with. It doesn't sound like tape. It doesn't sound like valve. it sounds like an SH-7. I'll be using this a lot in my productions in the future. Thanks Professor (and Mongo).

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