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Mastering Plugin by SKnote
No Longer Available

Specter has an average user rating of 5.00 from 1 review

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Specter

Reviewed By jam92189 [read all by] on July 12th, 2012
Version reviewed: 1.1.2 on Windows

I have had specter for a while now and since day one it has been a godsend. The sound quality is top. basically everything in it is linear phase so the eq is clean and really nice for cuts that what I use it for.

the dynamic section on this thing is just way to great to talk about fully in a short review. basically think dynamic eq that is linear phase with diforent styles of control you can ether have it so each band has its own setting or just use the everything with the same settings on the dynamic control. also the added ability to use the side chain as a vocoder is always cool.

the stereo section is just awesome basically its a eq that controls stereo width just think on that and you can think of the millions of possibilities. the section that really is just super cool is the spectral limiter. its a very smooth very clean way of helping even out the overall frequencies of the mix or track without making it sound unnatural or over worked. It works best to help clean out some muddy low end and tame harsh frequencies.

the limiter at the end honestly I dont really use ha it sounds great but I just like using a seporate limiter that I found that works amazingly well. but this limiter is very good to the only problem I have is that there is no control of what you are limiting to and when it starts limiting. this in no way really hurts the limiter but its more like you have to feel what you think is the perfect setting and some times im lazy haha.

now basically the controls at first may be confusing but the info on the site and Quintos amazing ability to deal with my constant nagging about not knowing something really helped me get a good strong hold of this beast of a plugin.

there are no presets and the info is on the site no Manuel but in reality something like this should not have presets maybe a manual but after you get the hang of it its super easy to use.

what i think the best aplications for this are ether in a mastering setting or when you really need to do some massive eq stereo control and maybe some spectral repair on a track. This plugin uses a hefty amount of CPU for older computers but in reaper it handled it very well. basically top quality the GUI is dated but the quality is right up there with the price haha.

I give this a 10 for sound quality and creative options. GUI I personaly really like because its simple not pretty so I just get to work thinking about the music and listening not looking at what looks cool.

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