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Synth (Additive) Plugin by Cognitone

Sprike has an average user rating of 2.25 from 4 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Sprike

Reviewed By Robiaster [read all by] on 29th May 2018
Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by Robiaster on 29th May 2018.
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There are obviously a few things to criticize a synth in this "price class", meaning its free.
But all in all its a really interesting plugin that seems to be build around usability rather than some gimmick.

First of all its additive, which is maybe a bit weird for a synth with a workflow like this, but it just adds to the feel and use of the plugin itself.

The overall the sound feels a bit grainy in the sound (not as in low quality, but as in tonally different if that makes sense).
The plugin seems to shine most for things like basses and Pads, the presets do seem to suggest the same, although I'm still trying to squeeze a bit more out of it in the creation of pluck sounds for arpeggios and the sorts.

The interface looks a bit dull, but its functional, and none of the big common issues with interfacing are present.
The interaction with knobs doesn't hide the cursor but works both in the X and the Y direction, making it seamless and intuitive.

There are some issues with the rendering of the interface though.
Leave it inactive for a bit and the UI updates to a more fancy version.
No idea what that is all about.

Overall the synth is easy to understand (relatively speaking for people with a bit of experience with other synths).

If I had to criticise or suggest improvements for the Synth, it would be A, there doesn't seem an option to switch the order of Effects in the FX Stack without having to manually move them one by one.
Next thing would be that the INIT patch seems to have already quite a few things going on.
Makes sense if you want to showcase things, but I prefer a really simple and clean init patch that I can build up from.
The default is already detuned and with 10 voices of unison.
But that was quickly solved by just making a custom INIT patch myself.

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