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Switch-Mode Synth schematic for Synthmaker CM
for SynthMaker [Show all for]
by Zoned [Show all by] on 6 September 2021
Downloaded: 31 times
As seen in the KVR Developer Challenge 2021. The .osm schematic demonstrates a highly intuitive pulse-width modulation method. Other useful modules include a bug-fixed name dialogue for exported
.exe's, a bug-fixed Vst Editor status detector, trigger-blockers for string and area data, and a super-smooth scroller for embedded help pages. Enjoy!
Taylor convergence series calculators for sine and cosine, for SynthMaker cm (on 'computer music' magazine cover-discs, issues 114-184). Much related maths discussion in the archived forum http://www.naiant.com/SM/index.php but this upload shows what can be done with a purely graphical, code-free approach. Included are a nice little test-ramp oscillator, and a pretty pattern generator to show that we really are moving in circles! :-)
Save counting hell and eye-strain while arranging *really* dense schematics by deploying these rulers and auto-scales! Be sure to read the mouse-over tooltips for maximum benefit :-)
High Shelf Filter + signal level optimizer
for SynthMaker [Show all for]
by Zoned [Show all by] on 29 April 2018
Downloaded: 97 times
Is this the best 48dB high-shelf filter for SynthMaker CM (v 1.0.5) to be uploaded this week? Only time will tell! Bundled in are some nice minimal control knobs, a stripped-down sample player and a remarkable signal level optimizer.
for SynthMaker [Show all for]
by mickygemma [Show all by] on 23 April 2009
Downloaded: 614 times
This is my first creation with synthmakerCM, may be one day i update this version.
for SynthMaker [Show all for]
by mickygemma [Show all by] on 25 March 2009
Downloaded: 480 times
Two oscilators, with a matrix, two filters, i believe a good gui, and more, only two or three presets, if you like i am happy and if you don´t like, say me please, i am not a expert with synthmaker, but i like do the gui, and the design.
(Sorry for my poor english)
for SynthMaker [Show all for]
by aldonecheeba [Show all by] on 17 June 2008
Downloaded: 523 times
this is a simple synth for synthmaker/FL 8
it feature 2 oscillators (mixed together) with an ADSR on the pitch for each one, and an amplitude adsr for the whole.

it lacks effects and stuff but the basic organic sound and diversity is entertaining i think.

if you're into synthmaker, can you find a better way to mix the sounds of the 2 oscillators ? i would love to hear a more complex sound coming out of this

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