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Tau Bassline Mk2

Synth (Analogue / Subtractive) Plugin by Muon Software

Tau Bassline Mk2 has an average user rating of 4.50 from 4 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Tau Bassline Mk2

Reviewed By SRMusics [read all by] on September 27th, 2020
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows

The only 303 emulation I like to use. No frills and authentic sound. I also have transistor bass, but prefer to use the Tau bassline.

Reviewed By tommyzai [read all by] on June 11th, 2013
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Mac.
Last edited by tommyzai on 5th June 2016.

Tau Bassline MkII by Muon Software Ltd. is a fantastic synth bass VSTi.

The Roland TB-303 was a "transistor bass" synth with a built-in sequencer. It was produced from 1982 to 1984. This synth is often credited for launching several EDM genres, i.e., house, acid, etc. It's interesting to note that the original launch of this product was a failure. It became famous and heavily sought after much later. The unit featured a single envelop gen, osc with only two waveforms — saw and square. Probably the most noteworthy feature was the lowpass filter, which was lively and wet. This, combined with the built-in sequencer (accented notes, portamento, etc.) made this a legendary synth workstation.

Many online ads and reviews claim this plugin to be the ultimate acid bassline synth and/or excellent TB-303 emulation. Well, I rarely drop acid or do acid house, and I've never owned or used a TB-303, but I am a bass player, songwriter, producer, and educator. I know the difference between a good bass and a not so good bass — Tau Bassline MkII is a great bass plugin that is capable of all kinds of wet sounds as well as deep sub rumbles. It can also produce wonderful leads.

Software, in general, comes and goes at a faster rate than hardware; yet, with a 64-bit upgrade and a little TLC, Tau could continue to hold its own into the future.

• Straightforward GUI that doesn't get in the way
• Easy to program
• Juicy resonant filter
• CPU efficient
• Responsive, supportive developer
• Price.

It's fair to say this plugin is a one trick pony, but it does that trick really, really well! To put things into perspective, the sound is still more versatile than a "real" bass. I highly recommend Tau Bassline MkII to any eMusician, songwriter, producer, DJ, etc., who wants to add a sweet acid or sub flavor to a track. I give Tau two meaty thumbs up. Thank you Muon for creating such an amazing, timeless plugin. .. assuming it will be updated with 64-bit, of course. ;-)

Reviewed By mikejade [read all by] on June 8th, 2005
Version reviewed: 2.0 on Windows.
Last edited by mikejade on 8th June 2005.
This is the bass synth I always end up working with. The sound is spot on, and though I don't have the seminal Roland 303 hardware, my ears tell me Tau sounds just like 303 in many commercial tracks from 80s till today. Full, rich and deep.

It comes with mdrive VSTi overdive effect that can add a fine roar to the bass. If you hook it up to some guitar effect, it can even be tweaked to sound like a real bass. I even use it for some sonar-like sounds and leads. Its all in the post-effects.

No presets, but tweaking is a pleasure. Not many knobs, each with a clear purpose.

Why not use free CM 303 instead? Well, it is based on the same engine, but it has no MIDI automation.

Stability is fine, but Tracktion can act strange with Tau, missing notes in certain situations. Tracktion issue, I think.

Didn't need customer service yet.

I must add to the comment in the Sensetional review: ABL is e more precise emulation of 303, both in looks and function, so having a built-in sequencer and more tweaks may well justify the higher price. People used to work with hardware 303 will not hesitate to choose ABL over Tau. But if you don't need sequencer, I highly recommend Tau Mk II.
Reviewed By Sensational [read all by] on February 25th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
The GUI is classic,no fuse Muon everything you need right in your face perfect!
The sound to me is just like the 303 I remember from the good ol' acid house

days in Chicago. I compared it to ABL and they were pretty much the same (the

demo of the ABL drops out and you can't buy the full version from the site

which I really think is super stupid!). I run the Tau2 through BBE Sonic

Maximizer and it sounds so sweet!
Features it does what it is suppose to do! All the features of the classic 303

even the little strange behavior from time to time.
Docs are perfect, covers every knob feature and CC control.
Presets you get none! It's a 303 bassline synth for the tweaking.
Support is on the money with the KVR Muon forum and fast response via email.
VFM I think I paid $17 at the time for this thing and I use it more than the

Tau Pro. Also the ABL bassline is $95 compared to this. Trust me this is as

good as they come for the money.I would have paid $95 for this one too.
Stability as with all Muon synths rock solid,never a problem in none of my hosts.

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dj ray
dj ray
12 June 2013 at 2:33pm

Absolutely brilliant, timeless and classic plug-in that doesn't get nearly quite the attention it deserves. Still authentic, easy to use and extremely relevant. Well done on the review.

4 October 2020 at 4:56pm

Just went to the Muon shop to have a look and it's 32-bit only so that rules a number of us out.

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