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Tau Pro

Bass Synth Plugin by Muon Software

Tau Pro has an average user rating of 3.96 from 25 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Tau Pro

Reviewed By Scot Solida [read all by] on 9th August 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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At the risk of having torch-wielding villagers chase me into the woods, I am not overly enamored with the Roland TB303, and it's offspring. I don't DISLIKE it mind, but it just isn't a sound I've ever felt was versatile enough for my needs. However, I recently got the Electron synth from Muon, and the sound was so fantastic, I began to look at the Tau Pro. The more I looked, the more intrigued I became, and eventually decided that I might want to give it a go. The demo track on the site was the clincher, for while it DOES have the "traditional" 303 bass riffs, it also has a lot of other interesting sounds from Tau Pro. First thing I noticed when I opened it was the sheer variety of waveforms. There are a number of different types, but unlike some synths, these really SOUND different from each other. Just switching from one type of sawtooth wave to another has a drastic effect on the timbre generated. The other thing that is immediately apparent is that this synth has that elusive "punch" factor. No rhetoric here; Tau Pro makes a sound that punches you right in the middle of your chest. There are some unusual filter slections, and they help to give Tau Pro a unique and versatile sound. And that's the thing about this synth. While it's initial aim is to give you 303 sounds, to expect ONLY 303-style sounds from it would be a mistake. With a little tweaking, I have been able to generate patches that go far beyond the typical "analog" sound. So far, my favorite use for it is as a "PPG-like" bass synth, but with more presence than PPG. The interface is self-explanatory, and the documents are there, and complete, if you need them. Dave is a constant figure around this and other forums, offering guidance to those that need it. The onboard presets are good, but not to my taste (remember, I am not the intended audience for this sort of synth). For thirty bucks, you really can't go wrong. Tau Pro has achieved a semi-legendary status, and it is well-deserved.

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