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Soft Saturation Simulator Plugin by digitalfishphones

THD has an average user rating of 4.00 from 1 review

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Reviewed By Killvehicle [read all by] on 7th October 2005
Version reviewed: .92 on Windows
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OK I'm not a reviewer on normal days and on bad days I guess I am! Anyway most people surely know this devoloper from Blockfish, Endorphin, or Dominion or any other utility type plugs he had, Since I dont think he is in the business of free plugs anymore, Any way I never tried THD, maybe it was becasue he himself wrote a sort of negative review about this plug saying it could do something subtle or could sound terrible, muddy or god FORBID digital. THis thing is in one word, worthy. I t does what it says on the tin and while it may be subtle in actual sound, unless you push extreemely hard, it makes a big difference in the mix.

I myself play very hard metal/Death Metal, so I may be limited in what this plug can actually do, but I have used on other rock type music and it has performed equally as I would have wanted. In example, while remixing a friends project where only 2 rhythym guitar tracks were recorded (by Sm57). And while these were adequate in technique they lacked in the mix, Since it was fast music and if I brought up the bass guitar too much it would bury the guitars.. Once I tried THD a whole new world opened up and almost by magic, they guitars sat beautifully on top of the bass.. Don't even ask my why it happened, perhaps it almost emulated a phantom tube distant mic, (similar to 2 mic approach to mic'ing guitar cabs), It added a wonderful slight sizzle to the top end that was lacking and EQ would make sound brittle or harsh, and in turn added a subtle but very noticable seperation of bass and guitar. I have used on Vocals as well and as usual I really feel this sounds very tube like, and if thats what you are after then this supplies your needs.
And I read this was his(sascha) first attempt at creating a plug, I think everyones first attempt usually yields some interesting results, and even if this isn't his "best" work, TO me, it is the hidden gem...

As far as interface very simple and straight to the point, you know what to do with it as soon as you open it up..

TO me the sound is warm and very authentic. Although if you use it to much it can almost break up and when it breaks it sounds like a bad tube, SO even in that regard it authentic, Although it usually sounds good used in moderation (i.e less gain, and punch)

Features,, I would say it is a one trick pony since it is basically a saturator, but for the noise freaks out there,, you can get it to make some uncomfortable noise..

I t has a little manual, I didn't read it.

I'll skip support since I dont know if he supports anymore.

Lastly as far as stabilty, every so often I might hear a stray pop or click, but that may be do to the fact it was pushed to hard,, BUt it has never crashed...

Overall if for some reason you havent tried it, do it,, I personally didnt like Blockfish, which is hailed.. But using this plug will have me trying it again in case I missed something the first time,, excellent work and for a saturation device it does what a tube does, not a whole lot in actual SOUND, ,but a world of difference in feel..

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