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Channel Strip Plugin by GBSoundlab
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Comments & Discussion for GBSoundlab TrackModeler

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18 May 2020 at 7:16am

These are some guidelines, to work with TrackModeler, quickly and with little doubt.

. Insert TrackModeler into a BUS
. Direct your tracks, to that same BUS
. Adjust the desired volumes
. Move the "OPEN" control to (10)
. Set "LO FLOOR" on (20)
. Move the "SAT" of "AIR" and "GAIN" to your liking
. If you want a more "SOAPY" treble
. Now adjust the "PRESSORS" like this if you want unity gain:
- "THRESHOLD" to the green brand
- "MAKEUP" to the red mark of -10dB
- "PRESSURE" relaxed, from (X1 to X3)
- Intense "PRESSURE", from (X4 to X6)
. The "BW" bandwidth of the filters (SUB BASS, LOW BASS, MID BASS, CENTER, VOICE) will depend on the sound material, and on our choice.
. Both the "SUB BASS" and "VOICE" filters incorporate filter type selection (Shelving - Bell) for greater process precision
. The "AMPLITUDE" control is equipped with a very smooth, analog-type saturation processor with hardness selection.
It is dependent on the input level control, and starts working, with the flashing green LED. We can achieve a high "RMS" with TrackModeler.
. The setting of "DRY and WET" allows us a very clean internal parallel process. "DRY" is equipped with a double circuit synchronized with
the "OPEN and LO FLOOR" controls and in this way, your sound is not contaminated with impurities from the input signal.

TrackModeler, is conceived with grouping technique as "EquPhonic". This means that controls such as "OPEN" or "LO FLOOR" compute each one of them, a large number of synchronized processes, and thus, minimize the complexity of handling.

The "DEMOS" are prepared, and you can try them whenever you want.
Enjoy it.

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