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Synth (Analogue / Subtractive) Plugin by Tweakbench

Triforce has an average user rating of 4.50 from 2 reviews

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Reviewed By JackDark [read all by] on 8th February 2005
Version reviewed: Latest on Windows
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If you need chiptune goodness you cannot do without this plug! Triforce actually does sound like a Nintendo right smack in your sequencer. The basic Triangle, Square, Sine, and Noise channels are all there. Implementing the sounds into useful riffs is ridiculously easy due to the implemented arpeggiator and portamento. This feature is even further expanded by the useful range and timing knobs. To keep the sounds juicy and lofi, the coarse knobs are your best friend. By tweaking them the sounds will range from crystaline to rusted mud, whatever you want or seek in your nostalgia driven quest. The real kicker is the pulsewidth knob for the square channel, which adds a true aural flavor that'll really bring back those NES days to your ears. And last but certainly not least, the GUI is perfect in it's minimalist no-nonsense approach. Very easy on the eyes and pixel space.

If I were to request some sort of upgrade to this wonderful plug, it would be nice to see some sort of VRC6 , VRC7, or especially FME7 implementation in the form of the ability to load in a small sample and have it instantly lo-fi'ed to sound like a NES game sample, then perhaps have it modulate the normal sound generators to form a unique sequenceable sound.

Regardless, this is a fantastic plug, and for free, it really is a -must own-. Aaron certainly out-did himself with this one. Bravo!
Reviewed By self [read all by] on 10th January 2005
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows
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This little synth is great for doing exactly what it says on the tin...and that also happened to be exactly what i was looking for, but then i discovered the noise osc/arp combo, that, when automating the time parameter, sounded just f***ing daaaaycent. Especially over lashing 180bpm breaks and fat jungle bass.....like something aphex would use if he were a poor and talentless swine as i..... to be quite honest, that combo kept me entertained for a very long time. i felt that this little synth will remain in my folder for a bit. (the parallel drum plug in, Toad, rocks, but ill get to that later i hope.) All this needs is a little distortion, for me, anyway, and im entertained. The GUI i really liked, didnt come off as SE-basic-ish at all at all at all. Simple, very self-explanatory, functional, and cute. Sounds quite 8 bit phat, which i have tendencies toward, mind, and the arpeggiator really is something above average...so simple yet so insane, and the polyrhythms of two triforces both independently automated is just f***ing great!

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