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Tunefish 3

Synth (Analogue / Subtractive) Plugin by Brain Control

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Richard Semper
for Tunefish 3 [Show all for]
by RichardSemper [Show all by] on 5 December 2013
Downloaded: 480 times
Hi, these are my presets, some I used in 'House of Pain' for the one synth challenge, and a few that did not get used but I think may be worth it anyway.
They are in the native text format for the synth
idfpower - Tunefish Presets
for Tunefish 3 [Show all for]
by idfpower [Show all by] on 2 December 2013
Downloaded: 353 times
Here are the presets that I've created for my song, Or-Kha (OSC57: Tunefish).

VST version used: Tunefish 3 beta 10 - 12 (I think). I don't know if these will sound the same when uploaded in newer versions.

Note: IMO these presets sound horrid, but hey, they are what they are :) Use them at your own risk, don't blame me for ruining your ears & speakers :)
Tunefish OSC bank
for Tunefish 3 [Show all for]
by manvanmars [Show all by] on 1 December 2013
Downloaded: 402 times
Made these for the One Synth Challenge, 38 presets in fxb format(including sounds I didn't use for my track).
Some leads, keys, pads, basses, drums (kick, snare, hihat, percussion and some crash-like sounds, which I layered and drowned in reverb ;)and fx.
Done with an early beta version, so the sound may not sound as intended I guess :)
ToneDeF71 KVR-OSC#57
for Tunefish 3 [Show all for]
by tonedef71 [Show all by] on 1 December 2013
Downloaded: 372 times
I am contributing the custom patches that I created with the very capable and CPU-efficient TuneFish v3 VSTi synthesizer by Brain Control for the KVR One Synth Challenge #57. A bunch of synth sounds suitable for leads plus a snare and a kick drum patch to round off the set. Enjoy!
J.Ruegg Bank
for Tunefish 3 [Show all for]
by J.Ruegg [Show all by] on 22 November 2013
Downloaded: 419 times
The sounds that I have make for the KVR OSC:57 TuneFish

These sounds are for tunefish 3(won't work with tunefish 2 I think).

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Discussion: Active
25 April 2018 at 4:16pm

The download link is broken (as of 4/25/18), but if you go to the link here on KVR for Tunefish 4, you can access the download page from there.

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