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Dynamics (Compressor / Limiter) Plugin by V-Plugs

Comments & Discussion for V-Plugs Uranium

Discussion: Active
11 January 2012 at 2:50pm

I just recently discovered this tool. I thought I had a fairly strong grasp on what was exceptional in the land of VST compressors (Vertigo VSC-2, IK Fairchild, Waves API, Cytomic 'the Glue), what was decent (PSP Oldtimer, Waves CL collection), what was interesting (Mellowmuse CP2V, Abbey Chandler EMI limiter) and what was...um, not my favorite (some others - I don't need to bash on). I found Uranium to be both 'exceptional' and 'interesting'. It immediately made its way onto to two bass guitar parts for 2 songs. The parts both sounded mushy in the mix and I was trying to find a compressor which could bring the articulation as well as some punch to the attack of every 8th note played. My $200 UA and Vertigo compressors weren't doing it. When solo'd it seemed articulate enough but in the mix the bass seemed mushy in the low end. Uranium out performed all of 'em in this regard. It controlled the dynamics tightly and gave my tracks better propulsive rhythm which I wanted to hear in the song. Nice work for a plug-in under $100 - it seems this guy was coded by some cracker box style 'diy' software - in fact I've read a few who've turned their noses up at it because of that fact - huh, their loss, my secret!

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