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Waldorf Edition: Attack

Drum Synth Plugin by Waldorf
€59 (bundle)
Waldorf Edition: Attack by Waldorf is a Virtual Instrument Audio Plugin for macOS and Windows. It functions as a VST Plugin, an Audio Units Plugin, a VST 3 Plugin and an AAX Plugin.
1.7.4 RC5
1.7.4 RC5
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Attack is a percussion synthesizer that integrates the sound of the 80's analog classics and the ambitious electronic club drums of the 90's into the software system of the 21st century. Attack generates all its sounds in real time, giving you the freedom to alter all parameters directly.

Attack has 24 sounds available per percussion set, spread over two octaves. The sound architecture is extremely flexible, as one would expect from a Waldorf synthesizer. Two oscillators, each with nine waveforms, represent the sources. In addition to well-known analog waveforms, Attack offers three samples to help create hi-hats or crash cymbals. Ring modulation and frequency modulation expand the sound spectrum with a metallic component and FX sounds. The integrated "Crack" module takes care of reproducing analog handclaps authentically.

Attack contains a filter section with 6 filter types, resonance up to self-oscillation, and an overdrive of up to +52dB. The two envelopes are used to alter oscillator pitches, FM amount, filter cutoff, and the output volume. Two modulation delays and eight outputs (2 stereo, 4 mono) connect Attack to the VST world. Seamless integration into the VST 2.0 interface means that all parameters may be addressed via MIDI controllers, allowing you to create powerful dynamic changes.

And as though this were not enough - twelve sounds in each drum set can be played melodically. With this feature you can create tom fills and conga or other percussive grooves in no time, and you can even play bass, melody or sequencer lines.


  • Virtual analog sound synthesis.
  • 31 sounds kits with over 700 sounds included.
  • 24 percussion sounds per set, spread over two octaves.
  • Per sound (editable):
    • 2 oscillators with each 9 waveforms (triangle, sine, square, sawtooth, sample&hold, noise, hihat closed, hihat opened, crash).
    • FM and Ring Modulation.
    • 'Crack'-module for authentic analog hand claps.
    • 6 filter types with resonance up to self oscillation and overdrive.
    • 2 envelopes for Pitch, FM amount, Filter Cutoff and Loudness.
  • All parameters addressable via MIDI controller.
  • 8 audio outputs (2 stereo, 4 mono).
  • Two integrated and synchronizable Modulation Delays for the stereo outs.
  • Percussive Bass und Lead sounds - polyphonic playable.

Latest User Reviews

Average user rating of 4.10 from 20 reviews

Waldorf Edition: Attack
Reviewed By mark77
March 11, 2011

I've played around with this on my friends computer years ago and now finally bought myself as part of the bundle. This is such a timeless classic. A lot of people underestimate its power just because it came out years ago and now it's long forgotten. But that's ok, because I can use it as my secret weapon.

This plugin is truly inspirational. Just load up any random drum sound, and tweak it in any random way and you're on your way to discovering lots of interesting sounds and surprises. Nice deep kicks, snappy snares, deep toms, crispy white noise and any other percussion you can imagine.

The drum sounds are awesome, but the biggest surprise for me was the discovery that you can also use this plugin as a synth. That's right, you can play melodies, play chords, whatever you want, just as if it was a keyboard. You can make bass sounds with it or you can make pads or nice clean bell sounds, and a whole range of other synth noises inbetween. It's also useful for creating your own sound FX and white noise, swooshes, build ups, etc.

Now to the problems:

* The interface is a little small.
* The knobs are fiddly and I only seem to be able to move them in circular motion (every other plugin today uses vertical motion to adjust knobs)
* Hard to dial in exact numbers because of the above two points. You only want to adjust a little bit of something then BOOM you just moved the knob all the way to the other side, completely destroying the setting you had.

Other than that, it's perfect. If you make electronic music, you can never be bored with a drum machine, and this is by far my favourite drum machine plugin.Read Review

Waldorf Edition: Attack
Reviewed By Debutante
February 28, 2011

Only one thing is wrong with the Attack, and it bothers me sorely - FINE CONTROL - so direly needed in a respectable drum synth with such nice exponential envelopes, and horribly implemented in Attack. There's a shift option to dial things by smaller increments, but it's still very very chunky, and it seems that within the alloted values for any knob, there's just some numbers you will never see displayed because you can't dial into them.

Otherwise it would be my only payware Drumsynth. I'm glad there's not too many presets so you actually have to learn to use the thing. It lends itself quite easily to most things. Additional envelopes might have been nice for all such assignable parameters, instead of only two, but this is somewhat offset by the number of voices available.

Bottom line: needs a small overhaul to bring it into this decade. The last updates are 5 years old! (might be a goner). I've never had stability issues with it and despite my gripe, I'm glad to have met the Attack and intend to keep it.Read Review

Waldorf Edition: Attack
Reviewed By loungedumore
January 16, 2009

Very convincing analog drum synth ...the best I've heard and I've owned/demoed a few ,However it also has a character all its own as well (not many "emulators can claim that)
Stable ! I use it in Live,Logic,Cubase has never crashed since v1.2.6, old Steinberg distributed pc version was buggy.
Great for any electronic music style especially EBM,Industrial,Electro,Trance etc.

Note: want to here Attack examples in comical music ?
Check out nine inch nails-year zero it's all over that record ;"the great destroyer" and "Capital G"'s main drum beats are undeniably Attack.

Deep Programming options .
Ability to emulate every major classic analog drum synth .
Clean concise easy to use Gui .
Can be used as polyphonic synth .
12 Part multitimbral.
Pretty low cpu consumption on a modern machine.
Built in distortion .
The documentation goes through the history of vintage drum machines and how to emulate them with attack !
Cheap ! and comes bundled with PPG2.v and D-pole.
Waldorf Filters ! (even if they are only 12db)
Waldorf's customer service has always been ...very fast for me !

No 24db or comb filter.
No global filter.
No built in sequencer.
Presets are almost non existent in the user/3rd party world (but it dose come with many).

But to be fair ...all of these are wants not defects or oversights .

Bottom line : if you need a 909,808,cr77,Simmons,etc. and you tire of static samples this is your groove box .
H377 I've made entire tracks with it alone (as the only generator)Read Review

Waldorf Edition: Attack
Reviewed By kalkin
February 20, 2004

This synth is simply great. I use it for all of my synthdrum sounds (instead of sampling synth sounds). The supplied presets are great and tweaking them is easy.
This machine is a fully featured synth too, you don't have to stop with percussion. Although playing pitched sounds is a bit fiddly.
There is very little to complain about with this one. But some sounds are a little too crisp and digitaly (is that a word?) for some applications, though this nothing a little distotion or multiband distortion can't fix (the onboard filter overdrive doesn't realy do it for me except at minimal levels).Read Review

Waldorf Edition: Attack
Reviewed By warbug
February 2, 2003

i really dont like this drum synth. its really good for weirdo percussion and fx type noises but i find it really trouble some to get any useable xox type sounds out of it.

its really cpu hungry for what it does.

the knobs seem to be really sensitive; especially the tuning knobs. one small movement and your sounds has drastically changed.

if your looking for xox type drum sounds your better off finding samples or trying the free vsti drummatics.Read Review

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Comments & Discussion for Waldorf Waldorf Edition: Attack

Discussion: Active
4 April 2014 at 2:07pm

hi i am new to this site. please can anyone tell me how i buy things?

4 April 2014 at 2:34pm

There are 4 links to the waldorf site on this page. There, at the top of your screen, you see "shop".

Here's a direct link to the Waldorf Edition, containing Attack: http://www.waldorfmusic-shop.de/epages/61933844.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/61933844/Categories/Waldorf_Edition.

1 June 2014 at 10:35pm

At the top of this page, just beside the picture you see a link "Product". In almost all the product KVR pages it drives directly to the product page in the website of the company or of the developer.

Sometimes the link is dead. When it occurs you can tell by the link "Developer" just under the link "Product".

And if this second link doesn't work either... it means that the website itself is dead. And that... if it was the website of a company it is generally a very bad sign. But if the product was a shareware or a freeware it remains then two possible solutions:

  1. Search (or directly ask) in the KVR forums.
  2. Search by using a web search engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo...).

When the product was freeware, very often you'll find easily in the forums someone who knows where to download it, or even who has it and who will send you the product or upload it somewhere and give you a link.

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