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Reviewed By warbug [read all by] on September 27th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
There has seemed to be a flurry of additive / resynthesis vst's in the past 6 months. The top dog has seemed to be the CA5K, did not like it. They ALL seem very tame in comparison to this.

User Interface - For what this thing does i could nto ask for a better GUI. As an added bounus its skinable! it comes with 3 or 4. i have not taken off the one with the zombie faces. :)

Sound - I use this for mainly manglin voices. There is room for improvements with the sound as far as how many partials allowed and whatnot but i think computers have to step up alittle. This is why i gave it a 10 for sound. I have a friend online that i have been trading synth gear with for years. He got around to getting a Hartmann Neuron (if you dont know what this is use yor favorite search engine). we got into an arguement about the whole vst vs. harware thing. so using the same samples we went head to head. when all the dust cleared the end sounds were very similar. yea the neuron was alittle smoother ( becuase it has wavlets which i think are packets of partials) but my friend was actually angry that i could prduce such similar sounds witha vst.

Features - Very nice fx and mod envolope section. What I did not expect was the abilty to loop sections of the sample underneathe the main slope screen.

Documentation - Not the best i have read. i think for this sytnh there sound have been some sort of turtorial online. but after playing with it for a few months i have leard it pretty well.

Presets - I was amazed that it came with 7 banks all pretty much useful.

Customer support - Dave is always there.

Value for the Money - yup. i met dave at a local bar and he gave me the cd. i deffiantly would have paid the 150 for this its well werth it.

stability - not very good in the area. i know it has been stated before on the forums that if you turn down the partials use no fx blah blah... but thats no fun. when i use the DM i normally boot it up in an emprty song file load the samples i want to mangle and import them back into the orginal song i was werking on.
Reviewed By warbug [read all by] on September 27th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
I have heard alot of people say that this synth is a crippled Terra. Yea i guess it is but i Down Loaded the Terra to see what the differances were. To tell you the truth I thought that the Terra was a bit much. Causing me to get the D'cota. I felt that it was more simple and to the point.

UI - The User interface is very easy on the eyes, lots of light grays. Everything is layed out accordingly and right in front of you. my only problem is when in the wavtable mode drawing your own waveform can be frustrating.

Sound - Yes, it has sounds. Capable of 3 types of synthesis: analog, wavetable, spectrum. The analog part is very good for your every day bread and butter sounds. Good filter and oscs. However what i like about this synth is the parts that i really dont understand or come into contact with on other synths. I have made some of my favorite pads playin around with the other 2 synth engines on this. Real icy and digital and electric and VERY evolving.

Features - Something that i did not expect is the high quality FX that it come with. They are all useful.

Documentation - Yes, its good however i fear taht if i under stand the other 2 synth engines that i will not want to play with them any more. so i really have not read them in depth i have glanced oever every thing.

Preset - There are some good presets and they are all well organized into groups of what kind of sound they are. Which in handy when browsing for a sound.

Customer support - umm well it is steinberg which is a large company which mean a delay in what ever probelm your gonna have. However i have never asked them for assistance for anything so i really cant comment first hand.

Value for the Money - YES! I thnk that the full retail price is somewhere like 250usd i got mine for around 80usd on ebay. dunot really know if i could pay 250 for it but i think it worth 200... thats what you pay for albino.

Stability - Well it does alot so expect it to be CPU hungry. i use it alot for pads so i tend to render 16 or 32 bars instead of leaving it a midi track.
Reviewed By warbug [read all by] on November 16th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by warbug on 17th November 2003.
ahh yes the good ol' oddessey. my friends actually had one of these and i was super surprised when i first played with it..

UI - was not a super huge fan of it on the hardware version..but its has been faithfully copied... so its not G medias fault.....its that crazy nasa EE...

Sound - yes the original did sound that crappy the HW version had alittle more noise in the output signal.. but once again it has been copied to a T.

Features - YES! i love the morph feature (ala nord lead style) and the flyer faders but those are bounuses. i have alwasys like the lfo gate section on the HW version.

Docs - yes they were good but i did not need them.,,

Presets - all 5 banks were carefully planned....over all some usefull sounds.

Customer support - dont think ill ever have to deal with them but it seems like they jump on a problem if one arises.

VFtM - yes it is more analogy than most of my synths..

Stabilty - have not experianced any problems pretty good on the ol CPU (p4 1.5 GHz)
Reviewed By warbug [read all by] on September 3rd, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.2 on Windows
i use this in almost all of my songs. its an odd little critter but i like it.

Gui- its blue. :) its laid out very well i did not find it confusing at all.

Sound-hrmm well i use this synth for bleepy sequences (night rider stuff) my only complaint with the sound is the filter. the comb filter is ok but at times it just sounds like a bit crusher. Mr. krakli was kind enuff to give me a modified version with a switchable filter. comb or LP. its deffiantly a step in the right direction.

Features-this synth is for knob fiddlers! move everything and youll see all the features.

DOcs- mm realy dont need any. just turn knobs.

Presets- they are pretty good they all needed tweaking but look out for the ones i made in the update.

CS-very good! maybe the best i have dealt with.


Stability- one of the most Stable SE creatures i have encountered.
Reviewed By warbug [read all by] on August 26th, 2003
Version reviewed: 4.02 on Windows.
Last edited by warbug on 26th August 2003.
i have been awaiting this vst since its announcement. i DLed the demo and had to buy it. i have been using battery before the release of this and i will NEVER go back.

-the user interface is layed out wonderfully even if you have never touched a percussion sampler the navigation is easy.

-IT HAS A FILTER!! battery does not have this a filter is a must for HH werk. i sure it has some super seceret sound processing algorithms but the bottom line is that it sounds good.

-features!!!!not only is it a deatail persussion sampler but an anolog drum emulator!!! the filter the variator and a compressor for each pad..nuff said. my favorite feature of all is the ability to flip threw sounds as it is playing (like redrum in reason). this makes building a kit VERY easy.

-it has a very detailed 55(?) page manual. i have not really looked at it cuz its sooo easy to use.

-presets....2500 individual hits that are collected into 170 kits. not all of them are my style but a very nice library none the less.

-every question i had for the customer support was answered in deatail very promptly.


-stability its a bit hungry in this area but nothing real hidious plus it does alot for a percusion sampler.

if your curious just DL the demo and youll see for your self. ppl talk about how great the DR008 is but the gui looks a bit to cluttered for me, this is my dream beat box. :)
Reviewed By warbug [read all by] on July 24th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows.
Last edited by warbug on 7th August 2003.
the junglist was one of my favorite synths and now the hydra is; the "update" to the junglist did not miss a beat.

GUI- the gui seems a bit more organized from the previous incarnation. the grey is nicer to look at for hours on end in comparison to the previous blue.

SOUND- i really enoy the sound of this synth. 39 waveforms for each osc gives you a wide variety of sound textures to begin with. the filter is one of the best around and probally the secretly the best 303 emulator with enough coaxing.

Features- there are some features that jump out at me. percussive envelope is one of my favs, the pitch up and down controls are fun also.

Documentation- the docs are very good but i really never used them because this thing is pretty self explanitory if you have ever used a synth.

Presets- deffinatly the weakest part of this synth. the presets do not show case the full sonic potential of this synth. all the presets are super bread and butter type stuff.

**EDIT**Customer Support-the previous problem that i had with their customer support is more my problem. i stumbled across their forum while on thier site. imo its alittle hidden but its there.

VFtM- being a previous junglist owner i had to only pay 29.99 soooo its seems like i only payed 30 bux as opposed to 100. i have no complaints.

Stability- have no recieved a problem in this area seems about as stable as the junglist was.
Reviewed By warbug [read all by] on June 24th, 2003
Version reviewed: 2.o on Windows
i have been using this in all mu songs for months now!! its great for adding punch to wimpy drums or synths or what ever. the notch Lp/Hp filter at the bottom of the unit is wonderful. everything responds to midi automation which is a life saver.

when i make hiphop i tend to use junky sounding drums that often get list in the mix but camelphat brings them out in a tasteful way.

this is more than a distortion unit.
Reviewed By warbug [read all by] on June 17th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
i have been using this as filler sounds in all my tracks and i love it. this vsti has one of the most naturally analog sounds i have ever heard in a synth edit creation. its very capable of more experimental analog noises not a lead or a basss synth BUT BUT BUT that is great how many SE VSTi's have there been that are these thin sounding poor analog emulations. the gui is very clean and organized well. the presets are very good if i remember correctly they are all complied by users of the invader. one of the most stable SE creations i have incountered. if you have not tried this yet DL it now!!
Reviewed By warbug [read all by] on June 9th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows
i just picked up the may issue of CM that had all the instruments that they have released. when i had first seen the 202 i wanted to try it out when ever it was first released, now i got my chance!

i have been using battery for all my drum needs as of lately but i was still anxious to try 202.

my first thought was that man this thing is easy to use. it is layed out very nicely. i love the filter (battery needs that!!!)

the only problem that i have with vst is that it wont read some wav files..as where battery would load just about anything.
Reviewed By warbug [read all by] on March 1st, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.1 on Windows
this a wonderful synth. great for dirty analogish sounds. i reall like the mod section alot of possibilites here. the gui is out standing! probally one of the best SE guis out.

the main problem i had with this synth is the stability. it would crash pretty much every time i hit a chord or played to fast. now most of the time you can make a sound and render it to wav with a midi file controlling it BUT BUT BUT i could not even do that. when i tried to render it to wav all i would get is that grinding buffer overide sound.

if some way this problem was fixed this synth would be amazing but for right now this synth is unusable for me.