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World Suite

World Instruments Plugin by UVI
No Longer Available

Comments & Discussion for UVI World Suite

Discussion: Active
5 December 2017 at 9:54pm

This seems to be a fantastic collection. Unfortunately, it worked for only a couple of days and then the iLOK system completely locked me out and I have not been able to use it since. The remedies suggested by UVI have not worked and I have now asked for a refund. I have a standard MS Surface windows 10 system. This is a clear case of the software not working as advertised. Very disappointed. Buyer beware.

Feline Phase
Feline Phase
1 May 2018 at 11:06am

I'm sorry to hear about your experience.
I've always been wondering why some people are so angry about iLok but i start to understand even-though so far I had no issue to complain about.
That said your experience is not a general thing. This is a local iLok issue, not even an UVI related issue.
i hope you got your refund but to me it seems the ball is on iLok.
You see the very issue is they bind the licences to hardware. When you do a change in the system should it be hardware or software you need to deactivate your licences first. As i'm currently updating to the next big Windows update I just deactivated my licences. To me it is not a problem so far because I only have a few products. I'd rather think of ways to deactivate all the licences + provide a real support on licences from iLok side.even-though I understand the idea and constrains behind iLok I wish retailer start to implement their own portal as some providers do. This way they manage licences by account and can provide you support on licences. It happened to me with Arturia and i was efficiently and kindly helped. iLok basically warns you you're fucked if you don't deactivate. Arturia helps and tell you can ask anytime should the problem arise anew. Different companies, different services. I see more and more providers make their own portals. Arturia Software Center, NI Access for Native Instruments, iZotope Product Portal for iZotope, Custom Shop for IK Multimedia to name a few. these are big companies that can afford such solution and I think "smaller" structures will take longer to convert but I hope they will all do.
As for World Suite, that's a pity you did not make it to be usable. It seems to be a great library for the cost. It is definitely on my wish list.

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