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Zero Vector

Synth (Hybrid) Plugin by White Noise Audio
No Longer Available

Zero Vector has an average user rating of 4.60 from 5 reviews

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User Reviews by KVR Members for Zero Vector

Reviewed By mayan [read all by] on 23rd November 2004
Version reviewed: Not Sure on Windows
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Let me first say that, like the other reviewers, I am a beta-tester and have watched the ZeroVector grow from childhood through adolescence to maturity. It's an astounding soft-synth!

While I am not a sound-engineer in terms of pre-set design -nor am I a terribly technical person- I am a musician...and this is simply one of the most versatile, "musical" synths that I have had the pleasure to play. In my musical world, it has sat quite splendidly in a mixex and has been the crown-jewel in a couple of creations.

There is a rich sound to this VA-type synth which can result in pure aural ear-candy. The sound is clear, warm and profound. Probably one of the best soft-synths I have ever had the privilege to get my hands on. The availability of the Vector-Pad and XY-pad also give a lot of programmable depth and variance to a pre-set. (Actually, the Vector-Pad is programmable and automated whereas, I don't believe the XY-Pad is automated -though I wish it were - still in all, it's great). There are several different wave-forms to use in three different oscillators.

There are alot of pre-sets by several different parties, including the creator. They are wonderfully varied and also make excellent leaping-off points for those who want to take the sounds further. This synth can do alot and even I have found programming to be quite intuitive. I haven't quite mastered the envelope formatting - which is a bit different than other synths- but similar to other White Noise creations. This is my fault, not the synth's and can be attributed to late-night lazainess. I also don't believe that there's a MIDI-learn function, which I would love. This does not detract, however, from an incredibly useful product. I have immediately assigned it a place in my soft-synth pantheon.

In sum, I'm still getting to know this instrument but I know it well-enough to find it immensely useable and musical. It is definately a must-try.

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Comments & Discussion for White Noise Audio Zero Vector

Discussion: Active
24 October 2014 at 10:48am

I was looking to buy Zero Vector vst, but it is no longer available. Who can help me with a full version or possibly a verification number / code because I now have a demo version ? Thank you :)

15 April 2019 at 6:53am

Still looking for Zero Vector. Anyone ...???

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