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Reviewed By liars&ashes [read all by] on February 25th, 2005
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
----This thing is great for a freebee,there are filters that do a lot more,but they cost,quite a bit for a good one really,and they give this one away free,how can you go wrong.
----4 types of filters,lfo,mix and resonance,it's fairly straight ahead,but that's a plus if you ask me,easy to use = useful in my book.
----Cpu usage on my Athlon 2400 is very low.
----I need to add 700 more words here apparently....
----Let's see,I can't think of anything you might not want to try this out on,anything from drum loops,to synth parts,anything that could benefit from some color & motion could be improved with a filter like this.
----Stability-wise,it's never crashed Fruity Loops on me,and like I said above,very low cpu usage in all cases.
----If anything,I'd like to see a few more filter types,or a *mixer* to blend between filter types maybe,but that's just nitpicking for a freebee.
----190 more words needed,hmm....
----Well,try it out,I check out 50%+ of all the freebee synths & effects that get listed on KvR,and this is one of maybe 15-20,(out of literally hundreds),that I've kept around. Until,or unless,you can afford some big name filter with 8,000 modulators and 6,000 factory presets,you can't go wrong having this one around meanwhile.
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