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Reviewed By mystahr [read all by] on November 27th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
I'll just be short as there are little things that could be said to grasp what this odd synth does. But what it does it sure as heck does pretty good. I only had one run on it without really checking what each button does (which imo is barely readable I think anyhow) and just tweaked away. This is a pure texture and ambient machine that will lay out great carpets with a bit of mangling (and I guess a bit more understanding of the workings).

And that exactly is what this machine wants you to do; mangling and tweaking. Now to hook it up to some midi-controlled knobs and away you go. Ranging from random noise to lfo-ed scenery's to just screaming mayhem.

A wild beast not easily captured, but since I'm a huge fan of noise this was a joy playing with.

About the GUI; it is very hard to make out the names for the multiple adjustable parameters (which in a sense didnt bother me as the GUI looks pretty cool too).

One thing though; this will eat CPU like a hungry cow so pre-recording is the only way to use it within arrangements. I didn't really mind though.....

As the manual itself concludes:
"the best way to understand is to just spend time twiddling the display parameters and listening to the sounds."

Now start twiddling
Reviewed By mystahr [read all by] on April 28th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1.03 on Windows
Let yourself not be fooled by the SE stamp that is on Texture for the sound is rich, warm, grungy and unique.

Heart of this machine is the most excellent bandpas filter that gives the overall sound a unique character. Like the name says this synth is able to create textures that could be used as layered parts of a sound, or can stand on its own quite. It may take a little bit of tweaking before you will appreciate in full the capabilities of this synth. With a full bank of 128 presets you will find enough starting points to find your own way through the sounds of this machine.

A closer look at some of its features: -
The single oscillator comes with its usual features and 7 waveforms with an added lfo for pwm-modulation. The downsampler slider allows for adding grungyness and even complete nastyness of the sound

Then the heart of this synth: the monstrous band pass filter. Together with the highly resonant low pass filter and the possibilities to adjust the weight of each filter and the synced filter-modulation you will find these filters to be capable to not only scream at you, but tweaking them will open a world of sounds for you. The sliders allow stepless precision tweaking.
The distortion and envelope section help you shape the sound to your fullest satisfaction.

The FX section comes with a mix feature to adjust the amount of FX on a sound and with the Reverb, Delay and Metal feature you’ll be able to give the sound created even more character. The Metal/clang feature actually is a super fast delay that allows to add metallic tones to the sound. A feature well worth playing with, as it produces sounds you may not have expected at first glance.

Lastly the gate sequencer feature with its adjustable mix enables to change the sounds into unique (trance-like) sequences.

All in all a high featured soft synth with a unique character; and it is totally free. It comes with a manual in which is also a midi CC- graphic to allow real time tweaking as well.

A winner on all fronts, and the best thing is its free.
Reviewed By mystahr [read all by] on March 6th, 2004
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
It's the little things that mean the most is what my mother used to say. But I guess she never thought I'd use her words on a site such as this.

For a little while I have been working with this small synth that has I think only 16 preset-slots. It's basic looking controls are few and at first sight one may quickly overlook this synth, but......

The quality of sound this one brings forth is absolutely something to try for yourselves.

The mod-envelope works with very much detail and is of high quality, and changing the unison/detune brings the stereo-field alive. P-mod and Pitch allow a sound to be fully modeled to the tune you are working on.

There are some nits however, which somehow I hope BONES will pick up to make this even into more of a monstrous synth. The sliders are relatively small and give no metrical indication of the settings, and changing the sliders while playing will cause little clicks, which make it virtually impossible to record live tweaks. And there is no midi control here either.

Given this last I still give this synth a place in my folder simply because it delivers!

I can only hope to convince BONES to pick the development back up....
Reviewed By mystahr [read all by] on December 7th, 2003
Version reviewed: 2.5 on Windows
I've been using Motion now on all my past track and have grown with this beast of a synth.... A few dedicated moments to tweaking and trying the various knobs and its effect makes for the best results from this synth.

Two separate vco's (phase distortion and virtual analog) make for the basics of a sound, and allow heavy tweaking and interesting settings. The warp slider and warp-type selector are must-tweak material here.

Although the filters are not Ugo's best they are quite acceptable and definable.

So far the basics of the sound....

With it's 8 lfo settings! you can route the lfo's to quite much detail in the time-movement where all lfo's are tempo synced.... (do try the 1/12 setting for interesting rhythmic movements)

The three added sequencers move independent of the tempo, and even though they usurp large amounts of CPU, they are well worth the try to add to movement of the lfo's allowing even more rhythmics in a single patch.

Last but not least is the delay, which although is missing pan-settings, it can just give that final depth-punch to the sound.

And in the lowright section there is an added frequency oscillator to graphically show the vco's at work....

In short, I am leary of this synth as it never fails to bring highly interesting sounds....

True, this synth is very CPU hungry.... but there are ways around that.

Give it a spin, it's free anyhow