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Reviewed By Asuyuka [read all by] on October 26th, 2019
Version reviewed: on Windows.
Last edited by Asuyuka on 26th October 2019.

Is this a good string machine, especially for the price? Yes.

Is this even close to the same character as the old one? Not really. The older one had a smooth, ethereal and almost vocal quality to it. This one is more analog string synth.

Its still a good string machine synth for more Solina sounds, its just not a 1:1 recreation of the original sound.

Reviewed By Asuyuka [read all by] on December 23rd, 2013
Version reviewed: 8 on Windows

Simple, dead easy, to use, decent sound, and a GUI that is very no nonsense, direct and to the point. The high-frequency widener on this box is fantastic, and that it does this without distorting the bass frequencies, is really, really cool.

Again, fantastic little piece of kit you never knew you needed until you've seen it.

Reviewed By Asuyuka [read all by] on February 3rd, 2012
Version reviewed: 1.00 on Windows

A really gorgeous polyphonic synth. Has some of the best synth sounds I've heard out of a freebie for a while. Documentation is fairly comprehensive, and no crashes with my host FL. The presets out of the box just demonstrate how nice of a sound it has, just try the power bells or any of the formant sounds. It also has an easy to read and comprehensive GUI.

Good synth indeed, and one of the better string synths recently. Get this is you're looking for warm, good, cheesy string goodness.

Reviewed By Asuyuka [read all by] on June 21st, 2011
Version reviewed: Unknown on Windows.
Last edited by Asuyuka on 18th January 2012.

As a simple compressor, this thing works beautifully. I've had luck using it on a variety of sounds, and it really is a no brainer. Anything from pads, to leads, I've had excellent luck with. Even basses are beautifully handled. The saturation knob effects how much goes itno the mix, and the One Knob changes how much is truly compressed or tightened. I would highly recommend for anyone who loves the KISS principle.

This, and its cousin plugins, are must haves for a simple fix or effect. Not bad for the price of free, either.