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Reviewed By Caleb [read all by] on September 23rd, 2001
Version reviewed: 2.65 on Windows

OK. There's a lot you can say about this VSTi. It does the job pretty damn well and at a price which is quite unbelievable.

If you just want a soundfont player, get bs-1, it's less cumbersome and comes significantly cheaper.

However, if you want a real sampler you're not going to beat this for the money. I've marked it to average in many areas because I believe it has the following 'bad' points:

The filters are really not very special.
The interface can be annoying and hard to work with.
The pattern sequencer seems like dead wood as does the synthesiser section - it would do better to be a perfect sampler rather than trying to reach beyond that.
The loop/sample editor is attrocious.

However, having said all that, this really is my sampler of choice and its real edge over Halion etc. is its rapid and ongoing development.

And it sure as hell beats staring at an LED all day.
Reviewed By Caleb [read all by] on September 23rd, 2001
Version reviewed: ? on Windows

This is one really impressive synth.

This is so much more than a 303 clone producing fantastic acid squeals along with smoother punchy lead and basslines.

The sound is quite incredible, but what I think is most impressive about this animal is how quickly you can produce a wide variety of impressive sounds.

If you're looking for a particularly lush and complex modulated pad, this won't do it but if you want a quick ride to producing awesome leads and crunching basses - this is your baby.

It teaches without daunting and creates without headaches.