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Reviewed By Holandes [read all by] on December 16th, 2003
Version reviewed: 2 on Windows

This one remind me of the reaktor drumsynhts. This small vst drum program is pretty cool. It is free. It sounds great. And it is easy to use. The basssounds are wicked. great for teckno or hardcore or electronic music. The hats are standard and tons of knobs let you modify them at your own taste. The snare sounds a bit dry and sometimes a bit harsh, but very standard. The toms are useless I think. They sound too hollow and too stressfull. The claps sound standard and very cool indeed. This is a trance thing, ladies and gentleman.

The only think it needs is:

-midi controller list
-better toms
-user wave import

i cannot seem to automate the midi data using the knobs with my mouse. I can automate using the midi controller I have (novation remote control). I don't know. My fault maybe.

download it...that is all
Reviewed By Holandes [read all by] on December 16th, 2003
Version reviewed: 1.6 on Windows

This one amazed me. I you need pads (trance, house, new age, electronical, pop), this is it! This vst is sooo cool. And you can control if with your midi control surface. Midi controller list included. you don't need more. You don't need to understand the knobs. They are obvious. You need to experiment a bit.

It has good knobs and good funcionality. I cant wait for the trance synth he is working on. This shouldn't be free I think. This would sell!! But at the same time I don't mind having it at home. This sounds much better than the pro 53 or the fm7 things.

One of the best in my collection.