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Exciton [read all reviews]
Reviewed By zgogor [read all by] on 12th January 2003
Version reviewed: 1.1 on unspecified OS.
Last edited by zgogor on 20th December 2003.
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I've tried the MacOS under LogicAudio 5.5 ( os9)
Install was very easy and without any problem.
After 1 mn I was able to try the "beast" !
the Sound is really incredible for that CPU use !
all important functions are here:
Filters,LFO etc...
very "PRO" features.
A very good VSTi at that price . For me it is better than the PRO53 or 52 !
the only cons for me is that the Speed LFO are in Hz but it is the V1 :)

Try it, you will be under the Magic of Exciton !

I've just downloaded my Version 2 , it is a very good update with a lot ofnew function ! very good job GrooveCube !
I increase the presets rate and the documentation, user interface too because of the Midi Learn function.

quadraSID [read all reviews]
Reviewed By zgogor [read all by] on 16th September 2001
Version reviewed: 1.2 on unspecified OS
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Well, some people doesn't seems to like it ...but, it's a real interesting instrument.Warm sound ( some bass sounds are incredible, and the dynamic too !!)
A strong character instrument which can bring you a big creativity in u't music...
Original, not common, and with a lot of programming possibilities ( the 8 points envelopps are incredible ;o)