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Reviewed By Teksonik [read all by] on October 21st, 2001
Version reviewed: Standalo on Windows
I must disagree with Tomz.I love the sound of Dreamstation.It has some of the best analog lead sounds I have heard from a softsynth in it's price range.I have the standalone version so I can't speak for the Dxi version.The standalone has the ability to use a sample waveform.The pictures I've seen of the DXi didn't seem to have this feature.In my opinion Dreamstation simply blows away junglist,Rainbow2,scorpion and others.Of course it's all a matter of preference.I love big fat synth leads and that's what the Dreamstation excels in.For 35.00 bucks,I think it is a steal.
Reviewed By Teksonik [read all by] on September 26th, 2001
Version reviewed: Beta on Windows
There is somthing warm and sweet about the sound of rgc synths.Triangle is great for lead work and the fact it is free is unbelievable.The interface is wonderful to look at although some might say a bit hard to program.I just downloaded Triangle's big brother Pentagon 1 and wait till you hear it!Can't wait to review it.I would say the rgc vsti's are among the best sounding out there especially in their price range.A true must have.
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