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Reviewed By spaceman [read all by] on 5th February 2004
Version reviewed: 1.2 on Windows.
Last edited by Spaceman on 10th February 2004.
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I usually don't do reviews but I'm going to make an exception here..

I've been using Hydra for a while now and I always seem to find a place for it in my mixes. It's still one of the best modeled analog synths around.

It starts of with the good looks, a clean and clear GUI which helps you figure out the workings in about 10 seconds. The oscillator routing is a nice twist and with tons of waveforms at your disposal you can really get some original sounds out of this machine. Even quality percussive sounds, helped by the envelopes which can be switched to percussive mode. It's not a coincidence I use it a lot for ambient percussion. But it's an extremely capable pad machine as well, very warm pads, actually.. the whole synth feels warm to me probably helped by the great filter. No surprise there, synapse have always coded good sounding filters.

I really can't say anything bad about this one. It looks good, it sounds great and it's a lot of quality for the money if you ask me. And at less than £60, I think it's a steal too.

This is a BIG synth