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Cyber FREE [read all reviews]
Reviewed By MB [read all by] on 6th April 2002
Version reviewed: 004 on Windows
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As a simple sample player it works very nicely. It has more features than Toby's Helios, but I have mixed feelings about the interface (especially in contrast to Toby's cute design). The main layout is ugly, yet effective. The sample browser and loop point editors are nice. Particularly I don't like those multiple windows which clutter my workspace. The sound of the filter is passable. It lacks documentation, but is very simple and there are few hints on the webpage. I managed to crash it twice during normal usage and have had a serious system crash and sudden reboot. All in all, once the stability will improve, it's a nice little sampler.
GalactiX [read all reviews]
Reviewed By MB [read all by] on 5th April 2002
Version reviewed: 1.02 on Windows
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I really can't understand those raving on it. This instrument is very plain, the sound quality is low, user interface is readible only thanks to its simplicity, but I don't like numerical parameters, even if they are easily changed by mouse. The wave shapes are boring. The filter is very basic and goes nasty when overdriven. Only several preset envelopes are available. Besides, it lacks character and I really cannot find anything special in it. These sounds are easily replicable in every other free VSTi. OK, it's nice Alex is giving it for free, but I refuse to keep it and clutter my system. Yawn!
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