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Reviewed By morphlab [read all by] on 8th September 2002
Version reviewed: 1.01 on Windows
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If I was trapped on a deserted island forever and only had a laptop, um...tons of fresh food and water, maybe a girl, and cubase...
if I could only bring one non-reaktor vsti with me it would be this synth.
I've been reaching for this machine for many more uses than it modestly claims itself to have.

'supposed to be' a percussion synth. But there is truly no other instrument like it. multitimbral, fm, analog, fat sounding, gorgeous real-sounding drums and sound effects synth pads and basses up the yazoo! ('ya-zoo' adj. "ad infinitum" orig. Brooklyn, NY connection to 80's Britpop band unknown). It's really all the synth you need if you wanted.
Reviewed By morphlab [read all by] on 5th December 2001
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows.
Last edited by Ben@KvR on 5th January 2002.
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It has lots of pads.
The drum synth sounds good---though it could be better if it had FM/ring in it, like Waldorf's Attack does.

For the price (it costs as much as the Orion program) I was almost expecting its sampler to have a beat slicer or a graphic wave display.

It may Look a little like NI Battery, but DR008 is much better with cpu usage inside logic.
Reviewed By morphlab [read all by] on 27th November 2001
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
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I try as many VSTi as I can get my hands on.
I own reaktor, reason, cubase etc blabla

The WASP synth is outstanding. I know I sound like a commercial.
but this thing , as an all-around synth absolutely kicks ass!
from acid sounds, to warm analogue, to fm, designing a kick drum, pads, basses, you name it.
it looks awesome as well.

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