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Reviewed By petey [read all by] on August 14th, 2019
Version reviewed: NA on Mac

The interface is over-complex and neither intuitive nor elegant.
And I'm talking as someone who uses analog and digital modular synthesis.

It's too easy to confuse which parameter is active on the encoder wheel, the blocks of thin, fussy menus aren't mentally/graphically "isolated" for instant location of the desired parameters, in a plugin you of which may have significant periods in between usages.
It NEEDS to be fairly self explanatory, or you simply forget and have a small but boring relearning curve each time you use it.

Functionally, it's too easy to overload (architecture and internal levels) and not get the output volume reasonably set easily.

It just feels more like a beta with no contemplated UI.

If this changed, the plug is actually pretty good and I think would enjoy some success.

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