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Reviewed By overhishead [read all by] on July 1st, 2018
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

For what this thing does, it is really outstanding. I've been compelled to track down all the free packs for it because they're just fun to play around with.

It's exactly what you would imagine a cross between ReFx Nexus and Dune2 would be if it were stripped down to freeware. The presets sound really good. Surprisingly, it's got 3 LFO's, a mod matrix with 31 destiations, an arpeggiator, and a great sounding filter. Runs stable, coded by Synapse who are probably in the top 5 developers in the business, in my opinion.

I would urge anybody on a budget to get it, or anybody who admires great software to simply marvel at how slick this instrument is.

one or two of the banks i found had issues loading due to an error in the fxb, but it was easy enough to remake and save the .fxb right from the interface.

Reviewed By overhishead [read all by] on May 28th, 2018
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows

I can't believe how amazing this synth sounds after 12 years.

Often when I am trying to create a bassline patch, I need to try synth after synth, unable to find a connection. I have access to some of the newest synths, oldest synths, and this one just gets me where I want to go faster than anything, and the filter is just outrageous. The controls do exactly what I expect them to do, intuitively. I would ask Omnitaur to update it, but I wouldn't want them to risk it because this synthesizer is perfection for what it is. This piece of software is a blessing.

If you haven't tried this instrument before, DO NOT, because it is my secret weapon.

Reviewed By overhishead [read all by] on February 20th, 2013
Version reviewed: XP on Windows.
Last edited by overhishead on 20th February 2013.


Where did this plugin come from? a 3 band "everything" effect?? It actually looked useful... I thought there must be a catch or some other compromise, so I downloaded it to find out.

The GUI: Nothing superfluous, no screw heads or ventillation slits, no nostalgic marketing fantasies, just pure usefulness. I find sliders to be the easiest for the eyes to gauge at a glance. I've never seen a multi-FX plug with such a small gui that intelligently fits so much value in one non-animated or multi-page oriented place. Maybe I have, but I don't remember, and I never felt like making a review of one before.

The Sound: Super tight sounding, no fluff, no snake oil, nothing that "only an audio phd can understand." I would have no qualms whatsoever putting this in a mastering chain. It actually does something to the sound, and you don't need to look at your meters to make sure, it's a plugin that does just what you expect it to, but better.

Overall: Everything is right where it should be on this plugin. It's a small arsenal of effects that can easily replace 5 times its weight in other quite good plugins, and aside from the limiter and reverb (yes it has reverb!) everything is multiband. Yes, yes and yes! I'm giving this plugin a 10 for overall high level of quality, as well as an unbeatable price-performance ratio :)