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Reviewed By Xiritam [read all by] on July 7th, 2007
Version reviewed: 1.6.3 on Windows
Kind of surprised that nobody reviewed this synth.
BLUE is a very very nice synth, it got nice filters, Sound is clear and clean and it became one of my go to synth if i want lush pads, warm squelchy basses and phat leads ( it really got a lot of good sounding pads basses and leads).
Its well worth the price, just like any other synths from Rob Papen and i recommend that you get this one.
One other thing i love about this synth is its interface.
Blue and White is a very good combination, makes you feel comfortable when you look at it.
About the sound engine, it got 6 OSC with tons of waveforms.
Filters are very nice sounding, having 13 types of filtering including VOX (love it),from 6 to 24db lowpass highpass bandpass notch, ring and comb.
This synth has a lot more features like the Step seq, Arp, FXs, Multi-Envelopes, fm routing, You just cant go wrong with this synth.


User interface - Very cool and clean interface, everything is organized, very userfriendly.Love the colors.

Sound - Breath taking Excellent professional Sound.

Features - A lot features. See above.

Documentation - it has manual anyways you might not need it.
This synth is very easy to use.

Presets - So many good sound presets. It got a lot of banks with tons of presets.

Customer Support - i dont know never had problems with it so i never had the need to ask for their help :p

Value for Money - Very worth it.

Stability - It never crashed my pc and it is very cpu Friendly. A bass presets takes about 2 % cpu load and pads 8 % ( using an amd athlon 3200+ single core cpu )
Reviewed By Xiritam [read all by] on June 12th, 2007
Version reviewed: 1.01 on Windows
This is just simply AWESOME.
This has to be the best Drum synth ive used in my life i mean how can such a fine drum synth be free?
Its defntly worth the download.
Tight snare and pumping kicks for DnB music? or Deep Kicking kicks for your flour-to-flour House track?
Its all there in this little synthie.
I even used it to create Glitchy drums out of it.SuperB Quality.
Didnt cut anything nor i did used fx or something, all i did was just a tweak on the knobs and the noise amp( very and very handy).
It became my go-to drums synth and i deleted all my synthetic drum samples after i realized the potencial that this wonderful synthie had.
Iam Happy i found this.
Big thanks for E-Phonic for creating such a fine freebie.

GUI - Very clean, stylish interface.One of the best guis i ve seen so long. Check the picture above.

Sound - As mentioned above, 1 word can describe it all. B-E-S-T

Feature - From punchy kit to pumping kits, fx kits to glitch kits. Suitable for any genre!

Documentation - 0.Doesnt come with any anyways you dont need a doc to teach whats this knob and that does or how this waveform is changed, do you? Interface is the doc!.

Presets - I gave it 6 as it had only a few number of presets.

C.S - Hmm..did not have any problems so i did not ask for help.

Stability - Did not crash and very little cpu use.
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