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Reviewed By orbit [read all by] on 19th August 2009
Version reviewed: Current on Windows.
Last edited by orbit on 20th August 2009.
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I forgot all about this plug-in. I was talking to a friend all about strings/pads and what he used on a few tracks, and he brought this plug up. I remember using it quite awhile ago, so I decided to give it another shot. I fired up my scratch pad; Ableton 6, loaded it up, played one note, and my CPU went to 90%, and an awful feedback lit up the master meter bright red. I guess note off, isn't in this plug-in's vocabulary. I tried it out in Cubase 5, with a midi file, Cubase crashed. Checked it out in Acid 6 Pro, nothing but feedback, changed the patch, same deal, then a ntdll.dll error. Now I remember why I never used this thing.

Sound: Feedback
Features: Can crash a Quad Xeon in seconds.
Documentation: None.
Presets: They are there.
Customer Support: Not needed.
Value for money: It's free, I didn't expect much, I wouldn't pay a cent for this.
Stability: None

I love smartelectronix, they DO make good plug-in's. Maybe this was written DAW specific? If so, I'd love to know which one, I do want to hear those pads.