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Reviewed By ozmoz2008 [read all by] on 19th August 2013
Version reviewed: XP64 on Windows
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This is a VST that have evolved a lot in the last years. The GUI is OK now and the number of presets sounds is very impressive. In fact the first time I've tried this synth a little while ago, and I was not really impress by the sounds, but lately I revisit the synth and fund many new presets that were quite interesting and did used them in a production. For me this is a proof of quality.

There is some very deep bass and on the other hand very metallic sounds too. The GUI is OK but it's not my favorite synth display, but it's quite easy to program or adjust the presets to fit your own needs.

I was in fact quite amazed by the quantity of presets that comes with the synth, very good job here.

I would recommended this synth to anyone interested in good sounding synth sounds right at your fingertips.

Thumbs up.

Reviewed By ozmoz2008 [read all by] on 12th March 2013
Version reviewed: xp 64 on Windows
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This little VST is probably one of my favorite. The facility to operate comes handy when on a tight deadline. The sound is pretty much amazing and it does what I want it to do, which is to add depth and some unreal spaces to some tracks and effects.

The presets are useful as is or as a starting point for programing your own. The visuals are pretty basic but right to the point, no fancy stuff just for a nicer look, but easy to handle parameters.

I am maze at how this VST can add depth, the modulation on the reverb is very effective and I love the crispness it have in it, without having to much noise quality.

Even on tight space the color of the effect is interesting. But I have to admit that I use this plug mostly for very large spaces, the infinite preset is really a jaw breaking one.

This VST is a must for any serious sound designer or producer.

Keep up the great work.

Reviewed By ozmoz2008 [read all by] on 22nd December 2009
Version reviewed: 4.1.4 on Windows.
Last edited by ozmoz2008 on 23rd December 2009.
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This synth often pass under the radar, but I really don't understand it. It is truly amazing, the sound is very expressive.

In fact I just rediscovered this synth because of the latest upgrade they made.(today in fact)

So Overall, the GUI is not that fancy, it's not an imitation of a hardware synth, but it sounds so much better than some other VSTs that look like hardware synths, that I don't really get it when people are complaining about the GUI. It maybe not a synth that is easy to mastered for programming, but it doesn't make it a bad GUI either. Everything is right there in your face.

The preset sounds are awesome. If you are the kind of person looking for inspiring sounds right out of the box, this is the synth for you.

The VST sounds are very usable in a working situation. I do lots of soundtracks, and this synth with it's expressiveness is able to fulfill a lot of my needs. It's really very fun to compose with these sounds. There is a depth that is obvious, and some overtones qualities that are not common in many Synth today.

I didn't had the chance to read a lot the documentation, but it is quite complete from what I saw. If you have more questions just send them an email, they have a very very good support. I have written to them often and they always respond within a day or 2.(mostly within 2-3 hours). They are also very polite and know how to serve you well.(not the case with all companies)

I bought the synth with the complete bundle, so for me it was a very affordable expense. Totally worth!

I had stability problems before the new updates on Cubase 5.1, but since the last 2 updates, it is really stable, no more problems.

This synth should be in the top 10 VSTs in the reviews, very hard to compete with when it comes to sound, and for someone like me who depends a lot on the sound quality I can get to please my clients, this is the kind of VST that does the job, every time!

I hope that AAS continue to do some other great synth like Tassman, for me it is a big 2 thumbs up !
Reviewed By ozmoz2008 [read all by] on 18th June 2009
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows
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First, this VST synth has an excellent sound quality and a very nice playability. The presets are well done and there are plenty of them.

I have work with many different VST, and often when looking for that special bass sound or nice lead type sound, predator did the job. I do a lot of soundtracks and sound quality is a very important factor for me, but also the "organic" feel of a sound, a sound that is not too static or muddy. Predator is everything but this.

The user interface is pretty straight forward and really easy to program. There is some nice effects in it and some great morphing possibilities, also very fast and easy to adjust in real-time.

The documentation is complete...no need to go further much into details, IMO.

Customer support is great; very fast response both on their site and on KVR. They really rocks on that side!

Predator is worth every penny, after all it's really not expensive considering what it does and all the presets that are included. It is also very stable, it has never crash and never got some holding blank GUIs like some other VSTs.

One of my favorite so far....Good job Rob and everyone else that worked on it!
Should be in top 10 for sure!
Reviewed By ozmoz2008 [read all by] on 6th October 2008
Version reviewed: 1.1.0 on Windows
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It's amazing that there is no higher reviews on this product. I just discovered it since the last few months and already can place it easily in soundtrack context.

It's amazing how this company develop such a unique way of programming sounds...since Tassman I was always impress...

The GUI is really nice and easy to understand. The preset management could have been better presented, but easy enough to get through it fast.

The sound is truly unique and does have quite interesting harmonics. It probably depends on which presets you make your appreciation. When I use it the last time, a warm shivering sound was coming out of this synth. It is not the type of overtones that make your ears screech, but the type that gives you Goosebumps (I can't stand those airy high-end bell types of sounds all the time. It makes me go crazy after a while) I like crystal clear sounds, but with some warmth in it, and this VST is capable of achieving such sound.

I didn't work a lot with the features presented, but from what I saw it's capable of doing some quite original sounds. It's probably less deep in programmability than some other great synth out there, but it can achieve something you may not be able to do easily in other synths.

I had some info online and with a small documentation attach...but since this VST is pretty intuitive, there is no need for bigger documentation...just simple and clear explanations.

There are some very good presets in the bank, could always use more, but I think it is a really good start with what they offer.

So far customer supports seems to be good, I had some problems at start with downloading the software and there were helpful telling out to do it the easiest way and even give me an other option.

The buy is totally worthy if you buy the Bundle deal..., which is what I did. It includes some other great gems from AAS such as Lounge Lizard, Guitar Strum, Ultra Analog VA-1 and the super great synth Tassman...all good vsts that can find their places in many soundtracks.

Stability is extra good...no problem and really not hungry for CPU....

This VST is great buy! :) And I think this company should be well more known on KVR ...they truly make some unique and very good VST’s !

Thumbs up for me ! ;)
Reviewed By ozmoz2008 [read all by] on 5th August 2008
Version reviewed: 1.41 on Windows
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This VST took my attention when I've discovered it, it is so well done and easy to use. The presets sounds awesome, but I could use a little more as a built- in presets, even if they use the same ROM samples bank, which is quite good (around 4 Gigabytes). The look is also nice...looks like a Akai 1000.... but sounds better ;)

I really like the feel that the sounds have, mostly in their own ambiences. Nice gate sounds, arpegiator, delays and reverbs (for a synth...obviously).

The sounds are really inspiring, which is probably the most important feature in any instrument. The sounds are fat without being too mid-bassy. They are definite and clear without being too airy and fuzzy. The ambiences are large and deep...which is my kind of stuff. I have been able to use it in many soundtrack situations. I also have some expansion libraries that sound also great.

The VST is very stable, I didn't have any crash with it, even when many instances of the VST were open in my DAW. It doesn't ask much to the CPU which is not of big importance for me since I work on a very powerful CPU.

Overall this synth have all the good reasons to be in the top ones. I hope that the company will continue to develop it for a long time, as it is one of my favourites ones.

Definitively a good thumb's up!!
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