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Reviewed By SonicVI [read all by] on 31st August 2003
Version reviewed: 1.32 on Mac.
Last edited by SonicVI on 2nd September 2003.
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I'm glad Dash finally made a Mac version of Combo Sister. I'm a big fan of combo organs and am glad people are paying more attention to them. The Sister sounds really similar to the old combo organ sounds, though not exactly like any of them. I currently own a Vox Continental, and until recently a Farfisa Compact and the Sister doesn't really sound exactly like either one. Of the two though it can get closer to the Vox than the Farfisa sound. It just lacks the crisp fuzziness of the Farfisa's All Booster mode that typifies the classic Farfisa sound. There's also not a true representation of the four footages that make up the Continental's fourth drawbar. It would've been cool if Dash could've modeled the lo-fi Farfisa spring reverb sound too, though I suppose that would've added quite a bit to the CPU requirements. They did however let you dial in just how much noise you want with your organ. After all a combo organ without noise is like a synth without a filter. I think a volume control for the percussion would be quite useful as well. There are TONS of presets to get you going too, some of them very tame and some pretty weird. Like one of the other reviewers, I think the voice tabs should be gray when off and white when on, not the other way around. Other than the the interface is pretty simple and self explanitory. I think for $49 this VSTi is well worth the money.