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Reviewed By Mistheria [read all by] on July 29th, 2011
Version reviewed: 1.00r3 on Windows
I've just recorded a demo on Entity, the new great NUSofting VSTi synthesizer. Entity is a semi-modular soft synth designed and produced in collaboration with Sonic Timeworks' DSP master.

Entity offers a large collection of sounds that inspire a mood, unconventional sounds and therefore can inspire new composition ideas.

The small demo that I've recorded is the result of an improvisation following the feeling that some Entity sounds gave me.

Finding for the right sound is also a great feature (patch browser) and the editing a sound is just matter of few seconds.

Check it out!

All the best,


Reviewed By Mistheria [read all by] on December 16th, 2009
Version reviewed: 1.9.1 on Windows
As many musicians, for long time I trusted only and exclusively my ears while arranging, recording, mixing and mastering my music. One day, I discovered NuGen Audio and its audio plug-in series. That day, my way to make music changed drastically! I discovered how ears, sometime, are little bit “lying” our perception of music and, much more, when we work on our own music that, of course, we listen, in the same day, tons of times… well, or better still, not so well, our ears, tired and bemused, start to don’t say us the truth and something starts to be confused telling us a different reality, a distorted audio reality… for sure we don’t want this happens at all, especially when we work as professional and when we need to work a lot of hours on the same material. Well, yes now well, the fantastic Audio Tools provided by NuGen Audio come to support and safe us! NuGen Audio produce a suite of top-quality plug-ins for mixing and mastering, a complete suite for any needs, any situation at any level of music production. The quality and the features of NuGen Audio plug-ins are totally stunning!

First of all, the Visualizer is the first one I discovered and, now, I can’t approach any mixing and/or mastering session without it! It’s perfect during the recording as well, when I need to know which sound could fit better with another one. With Visualizer each detail of the mix is under my eyes and I can discover things that my ears, sometime, cannot, especially when the audio material is really complex. Visualizer helps me to disengage any problem and analyze with a series of surgical meter tools, I can compare my mix with others, make less mistakes and perfectly improve the mix. I totally love it!

SEQ 64bit Equalizer series is wonderful, especially I like the spline SEQ2. SEQ1 and SEQ2 let me work in mid/side as well for an unique mixing experience. The Master version of SEQ1 and SEQ2 equalizers are solidly part of my master mixer channel!

Stereoizer and Stereoplacer are the “wand” to work on the audio material and solve any panorama positioning issue. Think to “grab” a conga in the mix and move it left or right or anywhere you want… think to add stereo depth to a lifeless mono guitar… or to widely spread a static pad… Having Stereoizer and Stereoplacer is really the “must”!

Monofilter is simply awesome! To manage the low frequencies is always a “drama”, with Monofilter I can firmly lock my Bass and anything low in the centre of mix, nothing will move it! Also panning low frequencies now is not a problem anymore because Monofilter lets me split the signal and move only the high frequencies that give the stereo direction while the low frequencies are rocking in the perfect center!

NuGen Audio plug-in series is the “key” of my studio setup, there is no way I can work without any of these fantastic audio tools because, simply, I can’t get the same impressive results!

Reviewed By Mistheria [read all by] on December 13th, 2009
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
Since I discovered EVOLVE I cannot miss it on any of my projects! It sounds amazing, totally impressive fitting each kind of music genre and inspiring me hugely, EVOLVE gives the ultimate and modern feel to all my compositions!

I used EVOLVE excellent instruments and multis from Pop to Metal songs and, of course, on all New-Age and Soundtracks productions. I always got what I was looking for… and, last but not least, the Expanded contents complete and update EVOLVE ceaselessly…

There is no music area that EVOLVE cannot afford, it is the perfect “assistant” in my studio!

Moreover,the new MUTUATIONS is the right complement to EVOLVE, adding a wide collection of sounds and loops, of course top-quality!

Combining both EVOLVE and MUTUATIONS you can arrange your Pop, Rock, New-Age song in a while, getting that ready-to-mix sound we musicians are always looking for.

Controls, settings and effects complete this great suite that can fit any kind of music and production.


Reviewed By Mistheria [read all by] on December 13th, 2009
Version reviewed: 1.5 on Windows
First of all, Addictive Drums sounds absolutely awesome, perfect, modern and powerful!
Addictive Drums is the supreme Drums solution for any of my productions.
I don’t mind which is the music style and genre I’m working on, thank to Addictive Drums I can assemble my drums track straight away, everything sound great, with the true feel, energy and brightness.
The all-in-one user interface is totally fantastic! I can choose and build my drums kit searching in the high-quality sample library, drag my favourite grooves and patterns in the sequencer , select and edit the right high-quality effects, having the total volume, microphone balance, filter and dynamic controls. Everything in a couple mouse clicks…

Moreover, the MIDI PAKs are the vital tools to build up your “real” drums track!
I'm using the astonishing Metal Midi Pak on my new works, it sounds totally fantastic!

Thanks to XLN staff for the great job.

If you are looking for an ultimate, high-end class and easy-to-use Drums plug-in, you have the key: ADDICTIVE DRUMS by XLN Audio.