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Reviewed By jdg [read all by] on July 31st, 2002
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows
user interface:
very simple and easy to use. i like that.. everything makes sense. its easy to glance at it and know what your settings are.

man! let me tell you there are some excellent sounding beats and breaks in here! the fact that they're also all "sliced" up for with the GC versions of each loop, you get ultimate control.. its unreal. its like getting 3 gigs worth of a dope sample library all wrapped in an easy to use player.

great simple features. i can see tons of room for enhancements that i bet spectrasonics will probably implement (like importing of new samples, and etc). but for the most part, it is what it says. a break beat driven, groove control virtual module. great stuff.

it was ok.. but when is anyone ever happy with documentation? there was some spots that i had to figure out, but the interface was simple enuf i wasn't too stumped.

well duh.. its all about the presets on this baby.. FREEKIN 3000 LOOPS! YIKES!

customer support:
excellent! all questions answered very quickly (and spectrum is a kvr member and very responsive)

Value for money:
more than worth it. think about how much 3GB of drum loops would cost. thats, 5 sample CDs. usually 99bux a piece. also, you need a sampler to take advantage of these, more money you'd need to spend. with that in mind, stylus is rediculously cheep!

well, i've had it crash cubase SX for me. also, cubase SX doesn't implement drag and drop functionality, which would make using stylus so much more easy.. as importing the GC'd midi files is a pain in the ass.
Reviewed By jdg [read all by] on April 11th, 2002
Version reviewed: 1 on Windows
battery is so great... very easy and simple to customize kits and make your own... i bought because it is very fast to build and dev kits. I would like to see more FX besides a wierd IDMish loop/glitch effect... but this same effect allows you to use it more then a drum sampler! as a previous review stated, you can build synth instruments with it. I found it for $139 so price is way to good to be tru.
Reviewed By jdg [read all by] on April 6th, 2002
Version reviewed: ?? on Windows
I LOVE IT! it's free, it plays samples from wav files perfectly and controll to each midi channel. uses very low CPU... it took me a sec to figure out... if there is a manual, i couldn't find it... One word... EXCELLENT. i think the interface is obscure esp. if you don't know sampling lingo, but i once i got used to it, very fast to use.

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