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Reviewed By ccDuckett [read all by] on 21st October 2017
Version reviewed: 2.55 on Windows
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For a VSTi dating from over 10 years ago, this still holds up wonderfully well; if you can run 32-bit plugins and have a hankering for evolving, spacey, mystical pads, Golden ASET is perfect, and still worth the $$. Both the GUI and presets show the difference in being both talented and caring about quality- I'd gladly spend money on Vera Kinter's work any time. A point off for being old and limited to 32-bit Windows. Ease of use, support, and documentation all match the level of sight and sound on offer, she is quick to respond and unfailingly helpful and polite.

Reviewed By ccDuckett [read all by] on 11th February 2015
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Windows.
Last edited by ccDuckett on 11th February 2015.
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Don't let the looks and age of this one fool you- there's a lot more to WhiteLightning than one might think at first glance. The large number of well-organized presets is one clue that the developer didn't just cobble this together in an hour and call it a day, and while tweaking the controls to roll your own might be a bit painful on the eyes after a while, it's still nice to see something slightly different from, and a bit more subtle than, the bog-standard ADSR/LFO arrangement in a VA synth.

Not relying on a gazillion waveforms or filter types to come up with interesting sounds, WhiteLightning proves that sometimes taking a slightly different approach to an old idea can yield satisfactory results.. now if only a talented GUI specialist could give it a badly needed makeover, it might end up a bit higher on people's radar. If you don't have a problem with Win x86-only, and you're willing to explore an older but well-made and creative take on the bread-and-butter VA, I strongly suggest giving WhiteLightning a try. The very dated GUI and 32-bit limitation kept my score from being higher.