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Reviewed By nuSoniq [read all by] on March 17th, 2016
Version reviewed: 1 on Any OS

I came across this package in the recent KVR deals as an intro offer, listened to the demos and instantly bought it. Right after a short registration process and the actual purchase the library was available for download from within the account (and will be for future downloads).

So, how to describe a library of reverb presets? Well, you just don't, because the huge amount of impressive demos does it already and I'll just try to add my subjective "sauce". Like always, here too you read the mandatory things like "Pro Expansion", "XX years of studio experience" and all that common "blahblah" and advertising, that most library sellers usually do. That's at least what I first thought. Only... this time it very obviously seems to be anything but "blahlah" or just advertising. :)

At first I put an instance of the VVV on some U-NO arp with basic EQ and compression and tried the "Arp Space"-preset of the expansion's "Keys"-library. And man... first hit and it blew me away. This instantly sounded so well, so balanced, so optimized and straight on point, I just couldn't believe it. I guess, if I could have seen my dumb face in that moment, I would have had a good laugh at myself. Instead I caught myself smiling because of that beautiful sound. So I switched over to the next presets. "Arp Verb 2", Arp Verb"... and my smile became even bigger. I mean, you hear the differences, you know it's not the same, but each of those presets still sounds perfect in its own way and for its purpose. This got me pretty excited (it really takes something to get me excited about sound) and I of course had to try more. And really, no matter what presets I picked to different instruments, they're all so well done and sound so beautiful and on point, I still don't have words. Someone really knew, what he was doing here. And he did it VERY well.

If you own VVV, this library is a must have and buying it is nothing but a logical consequence of buying VVV. For its price this package is a total no-brainer. And I'm not talking about the intro offer only. What you get here, the vast amount of well sorted high-quality specialized presets for all kinds of purposes, will save you so much time, you're not gonna regret this buy for the blink of an eye. Not even to talk about the quality of your productions. If you like VVV, you'll love this set.

Rated (10/10), because (11/10) wasn't possible. ;)

Reviewed By nuSoniq [read all by] on August 5th, 2015
Version reviewed: 1.0 on Any OS.
Last edited by nuSoniq on 5th August 2015.

Bought this yesterday to stock up my Synthwave related sound library. I didn't expect all the sounds to fit that genre and just bought it for a few "gold nuggets", that I was hoping to find inside. Received the set via email within less than a day after purchase.

The soundset is a colorful mixture with a bit of everything for all four synths (MS-20, Polysix, MonoPoly, LegacyCell), fitting a lot of genres, from classic Trance and Dance sounds over oldschool Synthwave to Funk, Ambience and a lot more. You can clearly hear, the sounds are setup with time, devotion and a sense for details. Most of them are solid upper quality. And the set indeed contained those "nuggets" I was looking for. Some reaaaally beautiful sounds for my purposes in there. :)

544 different sounds, for MonoPoly and LegacyCell additionally even in dry and wet versions for just $10. Seriously, how could you go wrong with this? For my Synthwave purposes I'd have voted the set an 8. Considering all the other genres, I would have voted a 9. But seriously, for just $10 this is a rock solid 10.