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Reviewed By muelb [read all by] on 3rd April 2013
Version reviewed: 7 on Windows.
Last edited by muelb on 25th November 2013.
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The sound is very nice, and the split mode is really cool. The functions are good arranged and it has a nice GUI. I miss the feature to resize the GUI, but very few VST's can do this.

The Presets are also good programmed, I had a lot of inspiration in a short time. I wanted directly record a new track I developed in my head. But then, the crackling began. Playing a pad chord with three voices and a lead sound is already to much. So it's nice to have this mixer with 8 Layers, when you only can use 2 or 3 and get cracklings on a polyphony of 3.

The performance is really a killing argument, if I play some presets, 3 voices are to much yet. The bigest problem is the lack of multicore support. DIVA makes a much better job there. So, if the developers add a multicore support, there will be a much better rating from me. In the Moment it's almost impossible to use more than 50% of the possibilities of this synth.

Edit: The multicore support has arrived, now I'm discovering the full capabilities of this synth. Every Propblem I had with the cracklings have gone, I can enjoy the Multi's with the full richness of the sound.

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